Feedback for The Future, A Relaunch is Coming (Plus a Give Away)

After an on and off few months or so, and several posts promising a return to the old routine of Savidge Reads, I have some news. Savidge Reads will be relaunching on the 1st of August 2017 and I am very, very, very excited.

New logos have been made, I have been beavering away making content both for the next few weeks (to get ahead of myself) as well as some backdated content (only a few weeks) so you to have some stuff to discover if you fancy a binge, I know I like a bookish binge here and there every once in a while.

In the interim while I make a few final tweaks and edit a few last posts I thought I would ask you all for some feedback moving forward, we all need feedback now and again and I know I love filling in a survey now and again, especially when there is the promise (or bribery) of a potential treat at the end.

So I have made a survey of ten questions here for you lovely lot to fill in all about the blog in particular.

Should you be kind enough to do so, which I am hoping all of you will because you are all a lovely bunch in my head, then one of you will be picked at random after the 1st of August and you can win this lovely selection of books which I am happy to send anywhere in the whole wide world. (See what I said about bribery, ha!)


In the meantime though, please let me know that you are still out there, what you have been up to in the last few weeks/months and of course what you have been reading – the good the bad and the ugly. Ha.


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31 responses to “Feedback for The Future, A Relaunch is Coming (Plus a Give Away)

  1. David

    Good to see a post from you, Simon – really looking forward to the return of the blog as the two blogs I read regularly (yours and Kim at Reading Matters) have both been very quiet lately. I’ve filled in your questionnaire and hope you take my answer to the “what could be improved” question as constructive criticism as I really do love what you do.

    What have I been up to? I was in London last week for the opening of the ‘Michael Morpurgo: A Lifetime in Stories’ exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood (which features some of the cover illustrations I did recently for Egmont’s reissue of some of his books) and got to meet the man himself. Naturally whilst I was down there I took the opportunity to visit lots of bookshops – Foyles, London Review Bookshop, the second hand places in Cecil Court 🙂

    I’m just getting back into reading at a decent rate after two years of being too busy to read more than a few pages a day. At the moment I’m reading J. Robert Lennon’s ‘Broken River’ and Melanie Cheng’s ‘Australia Day’ (both very enjoyable) and have just finished Sarah Hall’s new collection of stories ‘Madame Zero’ – I have to say, despite being a huge fan of Hall’s writing, this book didn’t do much for me, which is a shame as her last collection was entirely responsible for starting my ‘read one short story every morning’ regime that I’ve been doing for five and a half years now.

    • Oooh I’ll have to see what the answer is before I can make any promises. Ha. I tend to be able to take criticism on the chin and if I wasn’t prepared for some then I shouldn’t have asked the question. Hehe.

      Sounds like your London trip was a hoot. Sounds like you’re also in a good reading space again. I’m lost in Costa’s.

  2. Good to see you back Simon, although I’m intrigued to know how you’re going to avoid revealing the Costa submissions list by actively avoiding talking about those books….hmmm
    I’m off up to the Edinburgh Book Festival in August, so I’m busy reading lots of books by authors who I’ll see there – including the authors shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize Jo Baker, Garth Greenwell, Eimear McBride and C E Morgan.
    I’ve also been dipping in and out of the new free course ‘How to Read a Novel’ which started on FutureLearn this week:

    Interesting stuff!
    Anyone else planning to be up in Edinburgh mid-August?

  3. Still here, still reading! Currently juggling ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’, ‘Yesterday’ by Felicia Yap, and rereading ‘Sense and Sensibility’. The joys of summer break!

    Excited to hear all about the relaunch.

  4. Linda

    Glad to have you back, Simon.
    Just thought you and other commenters would like to know (probably I am the last one to find out about it) that there is a free online course run by Futurelearn. This course, called How to read a novel, is a free four week examination of the techniques, devices, of novels, based on illustrative extracts from four books up for the James Tait prize, and it is delivered by the University of Edinburgh. There is an online community from all over the world, and each section is commented on by the participants. It is most informative and lots of fun for book nerds.
    Looking forward to your relaunch…

  5. Bet

    Just finished Fire Shut Up in My Bones by the NYT columnist Charles Blow. Reading The Good Immigrant and Claire Harman’s bio of Charlotte Bronte.

  6. Yay, you’re back on the blog. Questions filled in for you. I am currently on a bit of a fantasy kick, and am reading Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. It’s great so far. Hope it continues, there’s 16 in the series…..

    • Thanks in advance for the answering of the questions. That makes me happy to hear. 16 books in a series. Wow. I wish I loved a series that was that long. Oh hang on, Agatha Raisin.

  7. Komal

    Good to hear that you’ll be posting more frequently! Looking forward to it already.

    I’ve been in a sort of reading slump for the since late June, so that’s what’s been going on and it sucks. Argh.

  8. Oh can’t wait to see it! I was worried you’d abandoned the written word for Booktube – I was going to say POST THEM HERE because then I might actually watch them 😀

  9. Kate (Sydney)

    Hi – I check in every day to see if you’ve been back but no…. but then I look at Twitter and I still have the podcasts and video things to keep up to date with you. Looking forward to the new blog!

  10. Kate (Sydney)

    Oh and I’ve just finished Amanda Craig’s The Lie of the Land which I enjoyed

  11. I have just finished ‘The Blue Fox’ by Sjon. Highly recommended as it references your two favourite F words – fox and fairytales.

    Now reading ‘The Animators’ by Kayla Rae Whitaker which I’m finding highly entertaining.

  12. Louise

    ooh Lindy I love Sjon’s books, he is such a charming man as well (he was at a Danish literature festival in 2015) 🙂

    I’ve been trying to read some of the books that *might* be on the Booker longlist – published tomorrow! Right now I’m reading Himself by Jess Kidd. I’m just back from my holiday, where I’ve been watching old Raul Julia movies (can’t believe it’s 23 years since he died!), playing boardgames and going to 2nd hand book stores (9 new books 🙂

  13. Glad to see you relaunching! I’ve just finished the survey and subscribed to your Instagram. I didn’t realize you were over there too. Good luck Simon! 😉

  14. Annabel (gaskella)

    Yay – about time! Missed you here.

  15. Michelle

    Survey completed – although not sure I had anything useful to add. Sorry! I’ve just completed first week of the How to Read a Novel course run by FutureLearn which has been interesting so far. I was lucky to get hold of an advance copy of Artemis by Andy Weir and have just finished that. Great read!

  16. Pippa

    Glad to see the blog back -feedback provided and look forward to seeing how the blog evolves

  17. Elliot Hyland

    Yes, really looking forward to the relaunch! Filled in the survey, hope it helps.

    And like Didi I will look up your Instagram. I didn’t know you were on there.

  18. Good luck for the launch. I am excited to see the new look as well as glad that you will be posting more on the blog. I enjoy reading your posts. Is that the new header on top of the survey page? All the best to you.

  19. Deirdre

    Hi Simon, I filled in the survey but haven’t a clue whether it “went” … hope so. Looking forward to the relaunch!

  20. Victoria

    Very pleased to see you back, as I feared you had given up on the blog. I’ve completed the survey for you and am looking forward to your re-launch.

  21. zwischenweltlerinblog

    So glad (and excited!) that your blog is going to be more active again – I’m stoked to “read” what’s to come in the future. I just started The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (while being in the middle of Why Does He Do That: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men) and it’s pretty interesting so far. Happy reading (especially for the Costa’s)! ❤

  22. Claire

    I’ve just bought a copy of Rebecca and I blame you, Lauren and Mercedes!! Glad to have you back. Hope you’re enjoying the Costa reading.

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