And Savidge Reads Is Back…

Hello everyone, yes after some tinkering and some tearing out of hair (more on that in a moment) Savidge Reads is back. It has been a few months of false starts and was almost one again tonight (remember that tearing out of hair moment) but I am back and am ready to bring you lots of book reviews, bookish chatter and all that staff I did before with a few new occasional series and the like. Oh and a library update, finally. It is all finished and looking lovely.

So how have you all been, what has been happening? Huge thanks to those of you who filled in the survey that I asked you to give a whirl if you had the time, I am going to leave it open for a couple more weeks as I have found it really helpful. If you haven’t filled it in and fancy it please do, you could win some lovely books too as a thank you.

So what has changed on Savidge Reads? Well there are the lovely new logos (refresh the page and they change colour) because I fancied something that reflected me a little more. There is a new events page so if you fancy coming to some events I host with authors or any workshops or talks I am giving you can head there. I will update it fairly regularly as I have some lovely bits and bobs planned over the next few months. I have also given my bio, review policy and guidelines a tweak. Other than that not a lot has changed. I did try and give a new theme and layout a try and it all went wrong so I have kept it as is, familiar is the term I like, and actually lots of the feedback from the survey was simply ‘leave it as its, just post a lot more’ so I have taken that on board.

The layout change wasn’t what almost made me tear my hair out though (yes remember that) the fact that for some reason I can’t seem to upload backdated posts at the moment was. Ooh I am cross. I promised you some reviews to meander back through when I relaunched but I haven’t been able to upload them (they are just sat waiting in limbo for now) as soon as I can I will – if you are subscribed you will probably get notifications of these. These were reviews of some books I have read this year but now shared here yet, would you like my thoughts on some bookish highlights from last year too?

Anyway, I didn’t want to let that stop me so get ready for all the reviews and bookish business as usual to return. Is there anything in particular you would like to see over the next few weeks? Let me know. Looking forward to it!


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28 responses to “And Savidge Reads Is Back…

  1. I’ve been so excited for this! Congrats, and I hope you still have some hair left!

  2. Welcome back! Ive missed reading your reviews… I simply can’t do YouTube… (it’s a generational thing, I’m sure)… but give me words, lots of lovely words, and I’m happy as a pig rolling in the proverbial 🙂

  3. Monica


    This is the first time I’ve ever replied to a blog. However I found your bookish content on YouTube and really enjoy watching your videos.

    I’m really happy to see that you write as well as you natter into a video camera. This made me smile.
    I sense that this blog is going to be fun to read & no doubt quite lethal for my to be read pile.

  4. Welcome back Simon. Love the new colours, I think the blue is my favourite so far!

  5. Rachael

    Yes to bookish highlights from last year!

  6. Love the new logo! Of course, I am sitting here just hitting refresh over and over so I can watch it change colors. lol! Can’t wait to see more reviews. Happy blogging!

  7. Helen Williams

    Lovely that your blog is back – I keep up with you tube as well, but can’t comment there for some reason. I’ve really got back into reading this year thanks to lovely booktubers (have a teetering TBR now though, and had to ban myself from bookshops for a month or two…)

  8. Snazzy new design! Always pleased to have plenty of book reviews and of course hauls – I love to see what books other people are bringing into their homes!!

  9. A Kiwi in Oxford

    So pleased to see you back Simon. I think that my reading doldrums has coincided with your being “off air”. Looking forward to lots of suggestions to get me started again. Please can we have some photos of the new library; I am very jealous.

  10. Annabel (gaskella)

    I’m with Kim – can’t do Booktube! LOVELY to see you back here. Looking forward to reading some reviews.

  11. karend2007

    Welcome back! I’ve really enjoyed watching your You Tube videos, but it’s great to be able to read your blog posts again too!

  12. Elliot Hyland

    Good to have you back, Simon. Do you know already how you will combine it with your Booktube channel? Will you make the same content for both media? Or will there be differences?

  13. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere, Simon!

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  15. notredamebooks

    All of your recommendations are must reads for me! Just picked up a nice shiny copy of Tinman today. Looking forward to more blog posts 🙂

  16. Kristen M.

    Hey! ::waves:: Welcome back! I’ve been missing a lot of the old gang lately so I’m glad you’re not done yet.

  17. Glad to know you’re back on the blog. I just followed you here for those days in between your BookTube videos 🙂

  18. chattymand

    Love love love you on Booktube and my TBR shelf is groaning under the weight of all the books I’ve purchased based on your recommendations but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Glad to see you back here, i’ll admit I’ve trawled back through older posts when I discovered this blog to get yet more recommendations. Looking forward to bobbing over in the future.

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