Ooh He’s in the News…

I am aware that this could be seen as a huge brag, when really I am just a little bit proud, however if you happen to be passing a newsagent or news stand today then you might like to pick up a copy of The Times where there might be a face or two (or three or four) that you know…

Times pic

Yes, myself and the fabulous Jen Campbell, Sanne of Books and Quills and Lucy The Reader, have all been featured in an article on BookTube and books which is all rather exciting. I have to say I was nervous as nervous on Tuesday when I went down for the photo shoot, as I am definitely not model potential, but had and amazing time and could quite possibly have quite easily got used to the pampering and hair teasing. Ha. Here is a picture from the set, well shoot, which I love…


If you can’t get a copy (not that you might even want to, ha) to read physically, then you can head here to do so, it is behind a paywall but I think you can sign in once without paying to read an article. I think. If you don’t follow my channel but fancy a nosy it is here.

I know from some of the feedback that people like the blog or YouTube and not both, but as this is a bit of a moment I thought I would share it with you lovely lot as without people visiting this for the last nine and a half years (almost a decade, jeez) then it might never have happened. I think even my mother is quite proud of this, so it must be something special. Ha!



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20 responses to “Ooh He’s in the News…

  1. Mary Arth

    I knew him when he was just a guest at Booktopia!!

  2. Blimey, this is stardom. By accident I have a copy of The Times today so am off to read this landmark piece.

  3. Brilliant! Just watched your August crime booktube. Hilarious, very informative and i looks like you’ve read The Secret History as many times as me. Also, can I just say hats off for how much info you can get into 12 mins!

  4. Wilde Reads

    Could not be happier for you Simon. Great article.

  5. Congrats! This is a huge thing and something that we all want to happen to us!

    Keep it up!!

  6. Congratulations! This is huge indeed. 🙂

  7. karend2007


  8. How very awesome – I’m a fan of all of the channels!

  9. Ann

    Congratulations Simon – how very exciting!!

  10. This is very cool. I enjoy both the blog and vlog!

  11. Karen B

    It’s absolutely wonderful! You deserve the recognition and you should be proud. Congrats and enjoy your moment of fame!

  12. Annabel (gaskella)

    Congrats! Great article – I went out and got a copy just to read it. Although I don’t watch many vlogs, I do follow a few (including you of course dear hart). I just don’t know how you manage to fit everything in!

  13. Well done and congratulations to you sir! I’m relatively new to BookTube but have been enjoying “insert Liteary Pun Here”, “Jen Campbell” and “MercysBookishMusings” (and yours, of course). Cheers!

  14. congratulations again, Simon. I so love that picture where you’re both standing on either side of Jen. Such a shame they didn’t use that pic for the front cover. I totally think it is above-the-fold worthy 🙂

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  16. Komal

    Whoa, this is huge! Congrats!!

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