Savidge Reads in Spain

As this goes live, I will be in the city of Bilbao for a week of escape. It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I had not had a trip away to properly relax since Cyprus back in spring last year and so it seemed the perfect time for me to getaway with a big pile of (Costa) books and just go somewhere I could read, relax, wander and escape. So I picked a city that I have always dreamt of going to… Bilbao.

Believe it of not I actually took this picture.

Why Bibao? Well of course there is the Guggenheim which I have always wanted to see (and I have already walked past as I type this, it was closed so it was just an initial nosey as I walked along the river to get my bearings) then there is the pintxos (like tapas only more intricate and hand crafted, just as scrummy if not more so) then there is all the other culture which it has in abundance. A lot like Liverpool, only on a much grander scale and with possibly better craft and design) Bilboa went from an busy industrial harbour, where the river meets the estuary and meets the sea, to a place forgotten, slightly worn down and then has emerged through culture and art into one of the most exciting and vibrant cities. I type this like I know it (well, I do know Liverpool) yet this is my first trip though already a 30 minute walk has shown me it appears to be true.

So before I head back out to find some more pintxos, because when in Bilbao how can I not, I wondered if a) you had any delightful recommendations for places for me to go and b) if you would like me to do some posts on here of some of the things that I get up to while I am in such a culture brimming city? I have heard of a floating library which might be up many of your streets.


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5 responses to “Savidge Reads in Spain

  1. cindy fried

    A couple of years ago I went to San Sebastian, along the coast and it was gorgeous – a kind of Spanish Paris by the sea, I thought.

    The dessert of the region is a local cheesecake with sherry *salivates whilst typing* – a must at least once.

    Go on – you know you want to!

  2. Mary Arth

    I would love to see and hear about the floating library and your other adventures.

  3. Sounds fab – post lots of lovely piccies! :)))

  4. if you get tired of the pintxos there is a lovely Greek/Persian restaurant in the new town. Take the elevator, cross the road and keep walking – after about two blocks take a right turn.I think there might be a gymnasium along there but am not sure.

    The park is also a lovely place to relax

  5. piningforthewest

    If possible you should go up to the hills and look down on Bilbao, it’s beautiful, we went on a bus trip up there. I thought the Guggenheim building was better than the contents, but I’m not a big Francis Bacon fan and that was the main exhibition.

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