Happy New Year… Here’s to 2018

Oh I do love a New Year, those fresh clean pages in your diary. The thoughts of a whole year of reading ahead and what wonders you might find. Ooh I do love a New Year and the opportunity to wish you all one (and I hope you had a Merry Christmas too, how rude of me not to wish you one, we hosted this year and so my mind was elsewhere, I do apologise). So without further ado…


Here’s to a wonderful year for us all. I hope you have some delights lined up? I currently have a week off, then the impending exciting things are the Costa category winners (tomorrow) before the party at the end of the month, some of my favourite bookish people coming in a few weeks (after having had two lovely booky chums staying for New Year) and then comes the two biggies… a new job and a new husband. More on both of those in due course.

In the interim have you made any resolutions this year, reading or personal? I have not made a single one, nope, not a one. I am going into this year merely with good intentions, to be kinder to myself and others (hence no resolutions), to read by whim, to embrace new experiences and to just see where the year takes me. That is it. What about you?


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9 responses to “Happy New Year… Here’s to 2018

  1. Patricia J

    It’s been a while. I was wondering what had happened to you. I hope the new year brings more communication from you.
    Happy New Year from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

    • I kind of vanished in 2017 but hopefully I am now back back back. Though I’m trying not to put pressure on myself too early in the year. I’ve missed this blog though. Happy New Year to you too Patricia.

  2. Kristen M.

    “Kinder to myself” was exactly my only resolution for this year though I should probably add “and others” like you have. 😉
    I look forward to hearing about the new job and seeing lots of piccies of the marrying bit! Happy New Year, Simon!

    • Yes you will definitely hear about the job, it’s very bookish and I’ll be documenting it and some new adventures, including getting married on the blog as I go. Kinder to ourselves is very important indeed. Hope you have a fabulous 2016 Kristen.

  3. gail kennon

    taking a page from mel’s booktube video on the new year, i’d like to learn a new skill this year…haven’t found what it might be though..i’m searching.

  4. A Kiwi in Oxford

    So pleased you are back Simon. I really want to know how your library is getting on – largely jealousy as I want one of those. All the best for 2018 and I shall wait patiently for whenever you find the time to blog – no stress just kindness!

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