Reader, I Married Him…

You may well have already seen this on social media, I wanted to share it on her too… The Beard, aka Chris, and I got married on Saturday.

After a really crazy week or so (one of my colleagues was killed outside our office, my stepdad was rushed into hospital with a heart attack, the Beast from the East and Storm Emma stopped a third of our guests getting there… oh and part the ceiling of the venue we were meant to get married fell in meaning a new venue was needed the day before the wedding) it was so lovely to share such a wonderful day with so many wonderful people.

So I wanted to share it with all of you who have lived it since the beginning. Plus a wedding is a really nice way (along with the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2018 all starting this week) to get the blog back up and running.

How are you all? What have you been upto? I’ve missed you.


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44 responses to “Reader, I Married Him…

  1. inhalelit

    Mazel tov!

  2. booklemon

    Congratulations! 🙂

  3. Rhonda

    Congrats much joy ,you both look really happy,A prewedding week to remember .

  4. sharkell


  5. Congratulations, may you have many happy years together.

  6. Cloverlands

    Firstly – loving the title of the blog post!! How shocking & awful about the lead up to the wedding.. Hope your step dad is OK & so sorry about your colleague.
    Huge congrats on your marriage, the pics are gorgeous. Hope you have a truly wonderful marriage together.
    Sarah x

  7. Rob

    Congratulations! Sounds like an insane week. Hope your stepfather is doing well.

  8. Lu

    Your story will be something interesting to tell during your lifetimes together. What a beautiful day thru all the crazy. Love is so great!

  9. Congratulations! A fabulous end to what sounded like a very traumatic week. All the best to you both x

  10. Linda Stormonth

    Congratulations! May you always be as happy as you look in the photos.

  11. Congratulations, wishing you both much love, laughter and happiness x

  12. pam

    Congrats! Love wins!!

  13. Rhian

    Congratulations to you both.

  14. Veebs

    Sending you hearty congratulations all the way from Canada!

  15. Mary

    Congratulations. So happy for both of you!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I wish you many happy years of married life together. 🙂

  17. Ann Fuller

    Oh Simon I am so happy for you and Chris (the beard)! Congrats!!!

  18. Victoria

    Congratulations to you both.

  19. gail kennon

    congratulations to you and both look beautiful!

  20. Congratulations Simon and Chris!

  21. JanD

    Many congratulations to you both! I too was supposed to go to Edinburgh for a wedding but I didn’t make it. Glad yours went ahead.

  22. Congratulations!!! Looks like a lovely wedding. Glad it all worked out in spite of the hiccups & challenges.


    Book By Book

  23. All the best for your future together

  24. Henrietta

    It looks like a very special day. Congratulations to you both.

  25. I’m new to you and your blog. What a welcome! Congratulations. I’m sorry to see your week was clouded but I hope your day was as beautiful as you always dreamed it wold be!

  26. Eva

    Congratulations Simon! It’s the first time I visit your blog, but I’ve been following you on YouTube and Goodreads for a while now. I wish you all the happiness!

  27. lostartofreadingblog

    Congratulation to both of you, what a beautiful couple 🙂

  28. Roger Park

    Congratulations, Simon (and to Chris, too!). You had a busy week; lots to remember)

  29. piningforthewest

    Congratulations. I always think that a disaster or two is a good omen for a wedding. Our photographer didn’t turn up to the church and five days before the wedding we ‘lost’ what was going to be our marital home, but we’ll be married 42 years in August.

  30. Bet

    Congratulations! So glad the awful events in the lead-up to the wedding didn’t prevent you from having a beautiful, happy day! Over the years, may you weather all storms as you have this one.

  31. Congratulations! Wishing you much happiness and brilliantly integrated book shelves.

  32. Congratulations to you both! Here’s to decades of happiness!!!

  33. Kate (Sydney)

    Congratulations to you both – I’ve missed you too (and Thomas….). Glad you had a happy day and hope your step-dad is recovering. xx

  34. Brenda E.

    Every happiness to you both.

  35. Congrats, Simon and Chris! I’m so glad you had a lovely wedding despite the storm, and wish you both all the happiness in the years ahead.

  36. Ian

    Well done. Many happy book reading together.

  37. Isabel

    Wonderful news! I can’t wait to read about your 1st Year Anniversary.

  38. This is happy news indeed! Congratulations and wishing you many joyful days ahead for you both…

  39. unsumit

    Congratulations! So happy for you. A week after you, I too got married on 7.4.18.

  40. I saw this on Twitter or Facebook or somewhere but I didn’t realise it was here too with lovely photos.
    Many good wishes for a wonderful life together always!

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