Eleven Years of Savidge Reads…

Eleven years ago today that I first pressed publish on a blog post here on Savidge Reads and look what has gone and happened since…

Okay, so I haven’t always been consistent in blogging (especially in more recent years) however what I hope has been consistent over the last decade-and-a-year (which sounds so long) is my love of books, reading and the sharing of the love of both and chatting to you all about them on various mediums.

So a huge, huge, HUGE thanks to all of you who’ve followed this blog, be it way back at the beginning or those of you who have joined me on here since or on The Readers Podcast, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in the years since. (Gosh, have I bored you all silly for all that time? Oops.) This blog and books have changed my life in lots of ways and brought me lots of amazing friends and experiences which have meant the world. So ta very much. Aren’t books just the best?



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10 responses to “Eleven Years of Savidge Reads…

  1. That is so awesome! I am so glad that you started this blog and it lead to both The Readers and your Youtube channel. I am always interested in your thoughts on the books you read, and bookish life in general.

  2. Ann Fuller

    Glad to see you are back Simon and yes books are wonderful – never without one in my hand. I do not like those electronic readers – I like the feel of a “real” book in my hand.

  3. Congratulations, it’s been a pleasure to share your journey:)

  4. What a milestone and a fabulous path to be on. Bonne Continuation in all forms, past, present and future.

  5. Congrats Simon! I celebrate my 10th blogversary on the same day as yours, so here’s to us both. x

  6. Congratulations Simon, you have blazed quite a trail. X

  7. Congratulations! And here I was feeling smug about coming up to 7 years! Here’s to the next decade. Cheers

  8. Kristen M.

    Eleven, Simon! So many years and it has all been a joy. I do wish you were around here more often since I just can’t seem to focus on BookTubes but I also get to follow you on Twitter and Instagram so it’s all good, I guess. 🙂 Thank you for being you and for sharing your real love of books!

  9. Congrats, Simon. It won’t be long until you’re a teenager 😜

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