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Books To Read Before The World Ends… The Cull and ‘Books for the Bunker’ Begin

The world is meant to have ended a lot hasn’t it? First there was 1999, then again on the 6th of the 6th 2006, most recently there was all the fuss about ‘The Rapture’ which was supposed to see the end of days back in May, though apparently they are saying that it is now October, I didn’t realise the end of days had a fall back clause. The next time the world is set to end, according to the Mayans (whatever happened to them?), is on December the 21st 2012. You are probably either thinking I am a morbid so and so, or maybe asking what on earth it has to do with books, well it does… it could affect your TBR.

The subject of the apocalypse has come up on both ‘Books on the Night Stand’ and ‘The Book Show’ and I liked the idea of ‘what would you stop reading, and what would you just focus on reading instead, if you knew the world was going to end’ so I thought I would run with it a bit more, I think I ended up thinking it over a bit much. You see, how can you answer the question ‘what should I read before the world end’s’ when a) there is an infinite amount of books out there already and b) there will be many, many more by the end of next year. Instead I’ve decide to apply the idea of ‘time running out’, and let’s face it we don’t know what tomorrow holds let alone another 16 months hold. So I have decided to make myself a memorandum…

Savidge Reads Book Before The World Ends Manifesto
(Rather Tongue in Cheek)

  • If I am not enjoying a book by page 20 and I think the rest would be a struggle… bye, bye book. Off they go. The page 80 rule is also becoming the page 50 rule.
  • I will stop reading books because I feel I ‘have to’ or because everyone else is – true this is rare but it must be stopped altogether.
  • I will not feel pressured by unsolicited copies and will give them a fair chance but deal with them swiftly on arrival.
  • I will start to read books pre – 2010, I used to read lots more and that’s gone a bit awry with so many new lovely looking books coming in. Don’t forget the TBR that I came from.
  • Don’t forget my reading roots, why have I not been reading some of my favourite series and guilt-free guilty pleasure lately, what about all the authors I love who have been languishing in boxes, is that how you treat an author you love?
  • It is ok if I want to binge on one author, I’m allowed.
  • I don’t have to finish a book group book if I don’t like it, as long as I back up why I don’t like it and make people laugh at my reasons, rather than offend the chooser.
  • I will re-read books if I blooming well want to, I might revisit my favourite children’s books too.
  • Why save a book I am really excited about for a rainy day? It’s always raining in Manchester anyway.
  • Whims must rule above all else.
  • I must start ‘The Book Cull of the End of Reading Days’, or more simply ‘The Cull’, and stop hoarding books – other people, family, friends and charity shops could get more out of these books than me.

The latter one is the one I am focusing on first. I am going to be ruthless, and reporting back to prove it. I have also decided that I am going to start a series about my favourite books called ‘Books for the Bunker’ to be featured on and off on Savidge Reads in the lead up to December 2012. Who knew the apocalypse could be so freeing in many ways?

Have you an ‘end of days’ attitude towards books? Do you save books for a rainy day and think ‘but why do I wait’? Are you a hoarder, any tips to stop book hoarding getting to ridiculous proportions?  Which books would you turn to first before the apocalypse?



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