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The Girl Who Read Too Much

So this blog seems to be turning into a bit of a family affair, you have already had several posts from Granny Savidge Reads. Next up was ‘The Bookboy’ who I hear is working on his next post. This week you have had two posts from my mother on her top books and also her Savidge Reads Grilling, and now it’s time for another ‘The Girl Who Read Too Much’ (not that of course that’s possible, it’s just a pun on the Larrson books which made us giggle) who is taking you through some of her latest favourite reads… 

“Hello all you bookaholics out there, so as you may know I am ‘The Girl Who Read Too Much’. I’m 12 and I love books. I was pleased that Simon asked me to do a review on his blog and I can’t wait to share my recommendation with you. So here they are…

My all time favorite book is probably ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ by Derek Landy. A book filled with suspense and magic! The main character, Stephanie Edgley, is dragged into a world of magic and horror shortly after her uncle Gordon’s death and the reading of his will. At the funeral there is a very strange man who Stephanie notices always covers his face, who or what is he and why is he there? The story pulls you into the pages and you feel as if you’re part of the story.The book has sequels which all flow perfectly into the next whilst making you want to read on. The book is violent in some places so as I said the book is probably better for people over eleven. There is also some vocabulary that younger children might not understand. Anyway this book is a fantastic and thrilling read, it is a five star must-read! However you can get hold of it read this book!

Another of my favorites is ‘Along For The Ride’ by Sarah Dessen. This book is an amazing assortment of genres and all to do with teenage life. This book is aimed at mostly teenage girls but if you like love, family issues and teen emotions then this book is for you. The narrator and main character, Auden, is living with her Mum when her Dad phones up and asks if Auden would like to go over to their house by the sea for the summer holidays. Her Dad also announces that his new wife, Heidi, has had a baby! When Auden gets over there she feels like she has a totally different life to the one she had before with her Mum she is allowed to go out loads and just have fun! (Her Mum was against that and just wanted her daughter to study.) This summer brings with it a new beginning so Auden is breathless with excitement. ‘Along For The Ride’ does have some rude language in it so it is probably better for my age and over. This book is fantastic book that makes teenagers see that their lives aren’t over because they’re wearing the wrong things it shows them a proper dilemma and makes people see things in a different light. I give this book five stars! There is also another amazing Sarah Dessen book called ‘The Truth About Forever’ which is a very good as well.

‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green is a very emotional tale about, love, drugs and alcohol and school. The book is probably aimed at 13+ but I read it anyway. The main character Miles is sent to a rough boarding school that his Dad went to. The pupils there were not just rough but were alcoholics and smokers to. At the school there is a girl called Alaska that Miles immediately fancies. He is also obsessed with last words of people and  in particular those of a poet called Rabelais which were ‘I go to seek the great perhaps.’ Miles is trying to find his perhaps when he meets Alaska. This book has lots of bad language so as I said it’s probably aimed for a teenager. I don’t want to say too much more as I’m giving nothing away! I think a book is very good when you feel like shouting at the characters because you know something’s going to happen and the characters are clueless. Miles himself is a very interesting character who by the end you feel is a friend. This book is a very thrilling and (in my opinion) would deserve a full five stars. Another book you must read!

Goodbye for now, I hope you’ll be back for my next post.

The Girl Who Read Too Much!”



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