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Books of London Calling…

This week will mainly see me in London, both for work and for pleasure, which I am really, really looking forward to. I have to admit that when I left, after living there for over twelve years, back in 2010 I had fallen completely out of love with the city and never wanted to go back. The few short visits I have had in the interim haven’t thawed me I have a feeling this one will as it’s a longer trip and I have filled it with friends, much book based shenanigans and much more.

As some of you may well be aware, I like to read about the places I am in and so I have been pondering which London books I should pack, or pop on my devil’s device if I decide to take that with me, for my venture – though I have a feeling I will be gaining books as I go on this trip. After my odd London phobia for the last few years I have tried to read as little set there as possible and now I feel like I should have a couple of options to read whilst there, which ones would you recommend?

I was planning on binging on the new Underground Lines series that Penguin have published as the London Tube turns 150 years old this year (can you believe it is that old?) and read six of them as I know I will be using those six tubes on the trip. However I simply didn’t have the time though I might pop one or two in my back to read on the way, but don’t they look beautiful?

Tube Tales

I was going to schedule loads of posts to go up while I was away, then I was going to give the blog a holiday however now I have decided I am going to do something else… Random live blog posts of my adventures as I go along. Fret not these won’t be endless and won’t simply be a picture of the train with ‘I am on the train’ underneath, they will be choice posts on and off over the next few days as I catch up with friends (some who are authors you may know), publishers and publicists, bloggers, bookshops I spot (and probably fall into) and literary landmarks I spot whilst out and about plus some of my favourite old haunts. Sound like a plan? It will be like a mini break in London with me, sort of.

I hope you enjoy them. I have decided to call them ‘London Calling’. In the meantime before they start… What books set in London would you recommend I try and read (if I have time), could you name a literary ones and crime based ones?



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