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Charity Shopping & The Thrift Lifestyle – Lettice Wilkinson

In a time where we are all watching our budgets especially as it’s almost Christmas (in case any of you have missed the advance warning we have had since October) and this is the time of year we spend vast amounts of money then I may have found the perfect book for you, or gift for others. ‘Charity Shopping and the Thrift Lifestyle’ by Lettice Wilkinson is a book that not only celebrates the delights of second hand shopping but also lets you know where the best places to shop for it are too.

Now if you go by the title you might think this is a guide of how to live the charity lifestyle and though there is a wonderful opening introduction ‘A Virtuous Economy’ which discusses all the benefits and plus sides of Charity Shopping which isn’t quite the case. It is really more a wonderful picture filled guide to where to shop for what. There is a real insight into the whole business and not just you the buyer, there is also the charity and of course those who need the charity and the strategies behind it all which makes for additional interesting reading.

The book is set into different sections such as ‘furniture’, ‘antiques’, ‘bridal’ and many more. I knew as soon as I hit the first section entitled ‘Café’s and Tearooms’ that I was in great company having a wander through hundreds of charity shops with Lettice Wilkinson. Her writing is full of friendly facts, by that I mean there is a lot of information delivered in an easy to follow to the point and yet chatty style which makes it all the more enjoyable to read. There is of course a section that I can guarantee followers of this blog will love devoted to…

Okay so in fairness it’s actually ‘Books, Music and Film’ but the last bit always phases out with me. I now have a wonderful list of shops I simply cannot miss in Oxford, Edinburgh, Herne Bay, Stratford Upon Avon, Southport any many more. I may actually have to do a tour in the summer. If that wasn’t enough I may have to go slightly further afield to what to me is the most pristine looking bookshop I have ever seen let alone an amazingly stocked second hand one…

It would be worth the flight alone to have a wander around this second hand bookstore in New York, as it would cost rather a lot I will have to hold back. They also have three recommendations in Sydney which seems very far to find a nice cheap copy of the latest best seller and a cardigan but if one can why not? Sadly though a certain amazing bookshop in south west London seems to have been missed, I am relieved though as it stays a secret with me and a select few for longer.

I really like this book and ook forward to having it as a guide when I pop off on my travels in the future. It will be going straight onto my lovely new coffee table when it arrives with the wonderful Perfume A-Z Guide. I have a feeling soon people will be coming round to read my books rather than to see me. I know a few people who would love this, what a perfect pressie this will make for a certain few special people? A nice extra stocking filler and no mistake.

So who else out there is big on Charity Shopping? Which stores and where should be must visits for us all? What are your thoughts on books for the recession? After all recession writing seems to be appearing in fiction already with a few big recession themed novels (which I probably won’t be reading – who wants to read it fictionally when we are living it, the latter is depressing enough) coming out in the forthcoming New Year. Is it something you want to read? Who do you know would love today’s Charity book?



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