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National Libraries Day 2013

I thought as I am a huge fan of libraries and the importance of them I would just let you know/remind you, in case you didn’t as it doesn’t seem that publicised this year, that today is National Libraries Day! I have already been to mine and returned and renewed a few titles, maxed out my loan allowance and donated some lovely pristine hardcover books. I have to admit that when I was there you wouldn’t have known it was National Library Day which was a bit saddening and so I made this small video to you all of a library plea…

Apologies for the whispering, but it is the library after all, the shifty eyes (I thought I was going to get caught and either be thrown out by a librarian or thought a weirdo by a passing member of the public. Hopefully though you get the message… GO AND USE YOUR LIBRARY NOW!

Thank you, I will be back later with a library loot post!



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