Review Policy

Dear publishers, authors or just nosey passers-by (welcome!) on this here page I hope to give you an idea of what my own personal review guide is. You might want to check out this article I wrote on the matter here, however if you haven’t got the five minutes to spare (and it might make you laugh) or simply can’t be arsed then here is an over view.

I am open to books being sent to me, it feels like Christmas and I get all excited however there are some things you might want to consider before you spend pennies on the postage.

  • I am no longer receiving books or submissions from authors direct, due to the amount of emails I get and some previous bad experiences, if you think your book is for me please get your publishers to contact me once they have checked the below. 
  • My blogging guidelines are here.
  • I am super duper interested in hearing about new books from some of my favourite authors and even more excitingly about those amazing gem books that for some stupid buffoon reason end up going under the radar.
  • I am really interested in hearing about the books you really love, not just the ones you have to love for work.
  • I love Daphne Du Maurier but I don’t want to be told someone else is the ‘new’ her. Nor do I want to read the ‘new’ Rebecca I love the original, however if the book has aspects of one of my favourite books or the author has a style like one of my favourite authors let me know all about it NOW!!!!!
  • I do not want to take part in blog tours, put videos up of interviews with authors I haven’t read. I have a podcast where I interview authors so if you have an author whose book I might like and is up for a laugh do email me with ‘YWTB’ in the title. I don’t want to review anything on Amazon, so please don’t ask.
  • I promise to be honest; this can be a good and a bad thing.
  • I am not keen on pressure so any book I do say ‘yes please’ to will be read when the mood takes me, the right book at the wrong time can be fatal. I also really don’t want emails asking when I am reading a book you sent me that I didn’t actually ask for. Nor will I read a book I really want to in return for one I don’t.
  • I don’t have an e-reader (I did I hated it) so I won’t read anything in any ‘e’ format thank you.
  • I don’t like books with boats in, horses (or talking animals of any sort) featured or set on another planet. There are exceptions but they need to be exceptional. Should you have written/published a Man Booker worthy epic about a horse on a boat fighting a war on another planet, maybe email me rather than spending money sending it?
  • I like the odd prize winner, I like shortlisted and longlisted… I also like some of the books that didn’t make the list but we all know should have.

Basically what this amounts to is; drop me and email and let’s talk about brilliant books. I am not really Savidge by nature, honest.  I really want to find and read fantastic, erm, reads.

Thank you!


One response to “Review Policy

  1. Lindsey Pilkington

    Hi Simon
    It’s Lindsey, Kieran’s Mum here and he’s just put me on to your fantastic books site! And as he’s on the Wirral expect you see something of him? . Love the reviews and very useful to me as I’m now Librarian at Marlborough College. Just ordered Byrd on your recommendation -looks really interesting. Talking of translated books have you read ‘The list of my Desires’ by Delacourt? Often wondered about translation as I went to a lecture by Anthony Briggs who is the latest translator of War and Peace, and giving us One sentence, showed how there would be possibly about 30 different ways to translate it into English! So the translator is incredibly powerful.
    Reading all Kate Atkinson’s at the moment, but best book this year in the ‘light’ category is The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain -also translated from the French
    hope you don’t mind me contacting you to say Hi and thanks – fantastic website and lucky you meeting Rose Tremain
    kind regards Lindsey (Grey)

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