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Frozen Planets & Arctic Crime – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 20

Well we have had a fair amount of snow and icy weather where I am in the last few days, which nicely links to the latest icy episodes of The Readers (here and here) and also links into todays giveaway. I have become a little obsessed with the arctic in the last few months, I think it has been building subconciously for a while though, and have been dropping MASSIVE hints here and there that for my 30th my family should really consider sending me there for a while on a cruise (yes if you are reading this family I am now being really blatant). Well, I thought I would share the hoy with two books which have added to this desire furthermore…


Most people in the UK (I am not sure where else this has been on worldwide, sorry for my ignorance) have been gripped by the BBC’s ‘Frozen Planet’ which has been studying animals in the arctic and antarctic, there is now an accompanying book filled with stunning pictures. I also read and thoroughly enjoyed ‘White Heat’ the debut novel by MJ McGrath (who joins me and Gavin on the Readers this week) who lived out in the arctic with Inuit tribes and decided to set a crime novel out there. So I am pairing them up for a frosty special. All you need to do to be one of two readers in with a chance of winning this is tell me the best book you have read set in the arctic or antarctic and why you loved it so? You have until 11am on 24th of December. Good luck.


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