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The Readers, The ‘Difficult’ Second Podcast Was Easy, The Third Not So…

…But it is here, as it finallywent live yesterday. I have to say Gavin has done wonders with editing the whole thing and it actually sounds like we know what we are on about but after chatting away for over three hours (yes that is how long it takes to get a decent hour to make an episode) we listened back to it and it was an absolute mess. Tangents left right and centre, another rant from me which hopefully won’t ever see the light of day and much swearing that needed cutting. But it is definitely a learning curve; we have some wonderful bloopers for a special random episode in the future though. Even iTunes had an issue with the episode as it wouldn’t upload it for ages, a message perhaps?

Anyway this week’s episode features us discussing the Man Booker winner, which you may have noticed that I have been quite silent about, you can hear me interview Ian Rankin (I was seriously over excited) and here us discussing short stories with recommendations from Sam Jordison from The Guardian and Patricia Duncker, as well as lots of you. In fact a huge thank you to any of you who tweeted your recommendations for short stories, or messaged me it’s lovely to have your thoughts. We would love much more of your input and recommendations. We are recording our ‘spooky special’ on Sunday so if you have any spooky recommendations let us know. What are your favourite spooky tales?

Oh and you can listen to Episode Three here. Do let us know your thoughts on how we are doing too. We were rather in a funk about it earlier this week but are gearing up for a fabulously haunting Halloween epsiode. Any thoughts on how we can do better? Honestly it’s just ask, ask, ask from me isn’t it? Right I am scurrying off to read lots more, am gripped by two brilliant ghostly books, one fictional, one not!


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The Readers, The ‘Difficult’ Second Podcast…

…Actually it wasn’t as difficult as we were worried it might be, in fact we nattered away for about three hours leaving lots of editing to be done. Thank you for all the feedback and comments you all gave in various ways (email, comments, review on iTunes) for Episode One of ‘The Readers’ we have taken them all on board and I think we sound a lt more relaxed and ‘normal’, well maybe not normal but ‘natural’.

In fact so natural I had a bit fo a rant vocally about the whole ‘literature vs. readability’ debate which you have all been very kindly leaving comments on the blog post I did, have a listen Gav thinks its hilarious. You can also here an interview with Sarah from The Book Barge (a special post on here very soon), thoughts on the latest book news including The Nobel Prize, Orange judges for 2012, Haruki Murakami and what we have been reading and want to read. It’s a jam packed hour which you an listen to or download here, please do. Oh, and please keep your feedback coming.


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