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A Tour Of My Bookshelves, Not Other Peoples…

Normally on a Saturday we have a nosey around other peoples bookshelves, in an occasional series featuring – erm – other peoples bookshelves. Well, whilst I have one which I am saving for next weekend when I will be away celebrating my little sisters 18th, I am running low on volunteers. So firstly I am doing a call out to ask you to please join in sharing your bookshelves with us all, it isn’t scary; I don’t really come to your house and you can edit it as you see fit and I leave it untouched. You don’t have to be an author or a blogger just someone who has bookshelves and fancies chatting about them. Just email savidgereads@gmail.com and say you are up for it and I will send you all the bumf/stuff.

Secondly, whilst I have done Other Peoples Bookshelves myself before, I thought I would give you an actual tour of my shelves. So grab a cuppa/glass of something and settle down while I (quite literally) take you round my house. You will even get to see Granny Savidge Reads famous hedgehog collection I inherited. So I will hand over to that.

I hope you are all having great weekends and reading some corking books. Let me know what you are reading and what you are up to… And get emailing.

PS I know I haven’t done the book draw for the IBW2016 winners, I will be soon it is on my never ending list of to do’s.  


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Diary of a (Possibly Crazy) Book Culler & Sorter…

I know I promised that Other People’s Bookshelves would come back this week… Well, I lied. Okay, I didn’t intentionally lie but I changed my mind which is my prerogative and my whim, ha! However this post is in keeping with the bookshelves theme as I thought I would share a book shelf crazed day with you all, one that followed an indecent which I can almost can guarantee you will all have been through! A few weeks ago I told you I was at that time when you have simply run out of bookshelves. You ponder if you should get rid of books, or just get more bookshelves? That was the nightmare inducing situation I told you all about, made all the worse by the fact Ikea had stopped stocking Expedit replacing it for Kallax. But I made do… until the next morning when I woke at 6.30am thinking about the fact my shelves didn’t match.

Shelves 2

6.45am – Still really thinking about the fact that the shelves don’t match.

7am – No it’s fine you can’t tell from the side, I can live with this.

7.30am – No I can tell. This will only get worse when I open the curtains and see it in its full horror.

8am – No it will be fine, who will see these shelves in the bedroom anyway? Shelves are just for storage, what difference does half an inch make (insert your own crude joke here) I am just being a silly billy and it will be fine.

8.20am – Oh sweet jesus! It is upsetting my eyes, The Beard has brought tea and marmite on toast and opened the curtains and I am inwardly screaming at the shelves. I can see them, I can see them, I can see them. They don’t match!!!

8.26am – Post tea sipping I casually ask The Beard what he thinks of the shelves? Can he tell they don’t match? Pause. ‘Yes, I can tell but it doesn’t matter does it?’ I act nonchalant and return to my book, the mismatched shelves sneering at me over the top of the pages in full eye line.

8.28am – The Beard is still staring at the shelves.

8.32am – The Beard announces ‘Those shelves really don’t match do they?’ I want to scream that I KNOW THEY DON’T MATCH. I smile and say ‘No, not really. Not ideal but nevermind’ whilst wanting to weep.

8.43am – I look at The Beard ‘I am really sorry… but I can’t cope with those shelves.’

8.44am – Silence.

8.45am –  Me: ‘Erm, I still can’t cope with those shelves. I might need to get some more and re-arrange the room… What do you think?’

8.46am – Silence.

8.47am – The Beard ‘Okay.’ Silence follows.

8.56am – Me: ‘What time does Ikea open today?’ The Beard internally and externally winces.

9.06am – I have been staring at The Beard for ten minutes. The Beard gets up throws on some clothes and says ‘ I am going now. I will get you shelves, I will build you shelves, then I want to garden and be left alone. You are not coming with me, you will want to do the whole shop again, you will want meatballs for lunch and bring home more cacti. Ok?’ I stay silent because I know all this is true.

9.07 am – ‘I am leaving now, I will be back at 11 when all books should be off the shelves ready for moving them.’ The Beard leaves.

9.37am – I am still staring resentfully at the shelves.

10.55am – The Beard hasn’t returned and I have not moved any books.

11.05am – I start moving books.


11.23 The Beard is back and needs to build shelves and use the space on the floor I have filled with books when the bed wouldn’t hold anymore. I want to scream but smile sweetly and move them.

11.30am – More shelves start to be built.


11.50am – The Beard is building more shelves and wants to know why I am sat watching him on my reading chair with a coffee. I tell him he doesn’t understand how hard moving books is. The Beard responds with some comment about ‘…if you didn’t have so many books’ which I block out and stare at the books instead noticing a few books I am not sure I was aware I had and don’t actually think I will read.

11.51am – I decide this will be a cull as well as a sorting.

11.53 – I decide I need another coffee to think this all through. The Beard carries on building shelves.


11.54am – The Beard wants me to stop taking pictures and actually get on with it, I sigh, he doesn’t understand bibliophiles or the chance to make a potentially funny blog post at some point.

12.07pm – I have now taken all books off all the shelves that were in the room when I awoke. I have used the new shelves The Beard has built to house the books I took off, along with most of the floor. I am confused and cant really move, or move the old shelves. I feel vexed.

12.39pm – The Beard and I aren’t speaking, we had a row about the fact that there was no room to move the shelves.

13.02pm – We have moved the shelves, hoorah. I load the books on the first two and then we add the third… and realise that the way we have done it means they don’t match.


13.03pm We are practically back to square one. I get ‘the look’. I give ‘the other look’ back silently taking all the books off again.

13.19pm – We have managed it! The shelves all look like they are meant to be, in this corner at least but I don’t think about those other shelves for now as I am on the edge…


13.21pm – Now it is time to reward ourselves with lunch.

14.07pm – Having procrastinated by watching an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race (it is amazing) with lunch I go back to the bedroom.

14.08pm – I want to cry because the room is in devastation. I have too many books, I hate books, I want to burn them all, I will never read most of them anyway…


14.09pm I get a grip. It is time to sort these books and these shelves out once and for all.

14.32pm – I have just spent the last however many minutes making a play list of ‘podcasts and tunes I can sort books to’, I haven’t sorted any books but I will.

15.12pm – I have sorted about three rows of shelves out trying to do them in ‘themes or genres’ then this makes me cross. I start again.

16.42pm – I have sorted books by when they have been released or are going to be released. The mismatch of sizes mixing is bothering me.

17.03pm – I start again.

17.33pm – I give up and go and do some other shelves instead, the smaller ones.

18.32pm – I have made sense of the shelves in the corner by my side of the bed.


18.45pm – Is it annoying me that these shelves and my actual bedside shelves don’t match?

18.49pm – I am told to get a wriggle on as dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.

20.06pm – After dinner, and possibly more Ru Paul (it is addictive guys!) I get cracking…

21.11pm – I am done! I have sorted all my shelves out and impressively whittled out 53 books that will find loving new homes. I feel like I am king of the world and a bit smug.


21.13pm – I show The Beard my hard work.

21.14pm – The Beard comments that ‘you haven’t even touched those books in the boxes on the other side of the wardrobe have you?’ Silence.

21.15pm – The Beard then says ‘if you didn’t have so many books this wouldn’t have had to happen and maybe you should consider a one book in one book out rule.’ I consider violence, I simply glare instead.

21.16pm – I consider moving out.

21.17pm – I realise that would involve moving all these books and all these shelves again. I smile sweetly and go and eat my feelings via the medium of chocolate instead, simply thinking ‘as if, there’s still space for more shelves…’


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Are Shelves the Solution?

You know how I said, ages and ages and ages ago, that I would finally get a handle on how many books I owned and sort them all out? Guess what? I still haven’t done it. It has been in the (very, very, very) back of my mind since the beginning of the year but it is just one of those things that I never seem to have time for. Okay, so I procrastinate.

photo 1Well, this past week with my thoughts on how my reading diet had become a little too staple and then getting a huge influx of books for some events and projects I have got coming up I had to face facts and admit that my book situation has got rather out of hand. Some of you, looking at the picture here ————> might be wondering how on earth I couldn’t tell that there might be a problem seeing as Mount Paperback has not only been threatening to topple and kill me and The Beard in our sleep, but has also started to meander across the floor threatening to come and get us that way too. For me it is the stuff of dreams, for The Beard it is the stuff of nightmares. So I knew this weekend I had to sort it out. This morning I still hadn’t.

So thinking that the best way to get Mr Savidge to get a wriggle on, and knowing I am off to London in a few weeks and may well come back even more laden with books, The Beard went off out on an adventure to Ikea – I wasn’t allowed to go as a) one of my friends from Manchester and his partner were coming b) I cannot be trusted not to spend hours aimlessly mooching and then begging for meatballs and chips. The Beard has come back and guess what… we have more shelves!

photo 3

Two sets in fact. I think there has been a realisation that a life with me is going to be a life with books and a life with shelves so better to simply embrace it. Oscar has been joining in with all the building – why do all cats love a box?

photo 5

Actually not all cats do, a mixture of too much going on, banging and change has lead Millie to flea and hide (we have all been there) under the possible safety of a drawer, well if you can call this good hiding.

photo 2

Now you may think, and I have thought this also, that more shelves mean no need to cull. This is not the case, I have been made to promise that I will now cull books as they are coming in and stop putting off going through all the books I have.

I will do this! It will just have to wait until after I have been to Gran’s this week. Until then they can all just go on the lovely new shelves with all that space…


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The Joys of New Bookshelves…

So back last week I reported to you all how I was book culling. I think I might also have reported, though probably by twitter, that Gran had gotten me four new bookshelves/bookcases as a Christmas present and they had been picked up (I wasn’t allowed to go for the temptation to come home with lots of other furniture and eat several hundred meat balls while in a certain shop is too much for me, huff) and so I told myself I had the weekend to get culling before I was allowed to sort out my new shelves. Well, it got to Sunday and I still hadn’t started. The Beard soon realised that this bookshelf building as a reward for culling wasn’t going to work; maybe if he built them I would be just desperate to fill them?

So build them he did…


With a little help from Oscar (who loves a cardboard box of any variety as you can see, Millie was hiding as is her want when it all gets too much) within about two hours there were four wonderful new shelves up and ready for me to fill. The only problem was I then needed to decide where they should go.

001 (2) 002 (2)

Yesterday morning I still hadn’t decided and so when I woke up was greeted by this…

004 (2)

I knew it was time to do something, so I thought ‘right time to toughen up and sort the books that are in my boxes, be strong, be tough’ and so everything was laid out for a jolly good sorting out.

005 (2)

Well I don’t know what had happened in the time since I took all the books out of the boxes and the time came to culling as I culled and culled and still had more than I started. Then in an effort to make a nice area to sit and read in I moved the reading chair and uncovered my secret stash of books!  So secret even I had forgotten I had put them there. Oops.

006 (2)At this point I had to take a break, my books were not only multiplying and reproducing without me knowing, they were even cowering and hiding for their lives behind the furniture. I had a break, walked the cat, ate some lunch and then from nowhere (probably my inner procrastination switch went on) I decided that I would rearrange the house. Put some of the new shelves in other rooms, make space, de-clutter the house of the over 35 chairs it has in it (the Beard has a chair problem like I have a book one) and then all would be well.

Oddly somehow that worked, it added about three hours to the process but now look at my lovely reading corner.


Do note though, this whole set of shelves needs a culling; I couldn’t face it after all of that. I’m sorry… did you just mutter ‘excuses, excuses’ under your breath? How rude, even if true!


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Shelving Posts for Shelving…

I really thought that this weekend I would have time to post about a new page on Savidge Reads and also write some more about Beryl Bainbridge. This was not to be. I have actually been furniture hunting, shifting things from Manchester to Liverpool and seeing some am-dram. The furniture hunting and shifting has been the best bit of the weekend as after an hour so of bearded building (meaning The Beard did it), and then some serious sorting of books, I am now the proud owner of these gorgeous book shelves.

When I sent a picture to Gavin of said shelves the reply when we had a phone meeting about The Readers future (exciting not worrying) was ‘I am just amazed there are so little books.’ Well you see while my TBR might be out of control, though I am having a big cull this week as it is moving cities, I am very picky about the books that end up on any bookshelves I have in the lounge. You see these shelves are my ‘see what I have read shelves’. Not in an arrogant up-my-bum kind of way, though I admit I did use to keep classic and renowned books I had read but loathed on them so people could see I had read them if they popped round, but people do look at your bookshelves when they pop round. I love rooting through new-to-me friends bookshelves.

Anyway, I have been really strict and I am only keeping books which I know I will read again, are by a favour author/part of a series (though most of these are on another shelf in the bedroom), or have bowled me over even though I will never read them again (yes, I am thinking of you ‘American Psycho’) any books that don’t fit into that category are out. It seems the severity in which I last culled my TBR has taken hold full stop.

I did umm and ahh for ages about what should stay and what should go. Then I had the debate of which order I should shelve them. Ordering by colour was debated, then paperbacks in one area hard backs in the other, in the end I settled with alphabetical order by authors surname… easier to find books that way.

Shall we see them with mood lighting? A kindle couldn’t do this with all the books you have read on it could it?

I am smitten with them and thought I would share them with you all as I suspected you might all have a penchant for a picture of some brimming shelves. How do you organise yours? Do you shelve unread books and read books separately (I did once have a chat with Gavin about this and he thinks I am mad, he mixes his up)? Do you keep all the books you have read, or is there a culling process? Let me know, and apologies for the lack of posts I sort of promised, this shelving situation took over and just couldn’t wait.

P.S This was my 1,400th post aparrently, I got a little excited and also surprised by that.


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