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A New Book for a New Year

My family were really taking the mickey out of me over New Years because naturally we were talking about what we had been reading (well when me, my mother, Granny Savidge Reads and The Girl Who Read Too Much get together the conversation will of course descend into all things books) and I said that I was between books because I like to start the new reading year with a nice new read, though of course I have to be picky about what it is. They all looked at me like I had gone mad!

Maybe I am the only person in the world (unlikely) who does this? I just really like the idea that when one year ends that’s my reading palette closed, have a quick breather and then let the new year can bring in lots of new and exciting reads. It’s a habit that I have had for the last five years I think. Is it just me?  I will of course report back on my decision!

Speaking of new books that might delight me in 2011, which is of course now this year which I am also struggling to get my head round, I thought I would share some books I got for Christmas. I am thrilled to add more are coming because of the pesky snow and postal problems, so will report on those when it arrives. I did mainly get vouchers for new flat stuff though, but over to the more exciting things… new books!!

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach (from The BookBoy)
  • Witch Week – Diana Wynne Jones (from Nick of A Pile of Leaves)
  • 84 Charing Cross Road – Helene Hanff (from Mr Paul Magrs)
  • The Best of Books and Company edited by Susan Hill (from Mum)
  • A Tiny Bit Marvellous – Dawn French (from Mum)
  • Chocolate Wars – Deborah Cadbury (from Mum)

And to think more are arriving in due course. I am not sure if any of these will make it as my first read of the year, I think that might take a full day of mulling over what is in Mount TBR before I can decide, but these titles are all lovely and one could just do the job. I am beginning to think that whatever read I go for first will shape my reading year ahead and therefore it has to be REALLY good, is that too much pressure for any book?

So what books did you all get for Xmas? Any other lovely things, I seemed to get lots of vouchers for things to live in new flats which is very kind of people. Do any of you start the new year with a new book? I will be discussing New Years Reading Resolutions with you tomorrow, any suggestions, I am struggling for 2011!!


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