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What Do You Want In A Book Based Podcast… Because We’ve Gone & Made One…

I’ve talked to you about my love of book podcasts for a while now I am sure. Reading can be a rather solitary experience and so I like listening to people talking about books. I’m not so sure about talking books themselves, but there is something nice about walking to the shops, pottering round the supermarket trying not to go insane, cooking or doing the dreaded cleaning and having people nattering about books in your ears. They also have the added bonus of spreading book based banter everywhere worldwide.

In the UK the press, like the Guardian, do some great ones, there are a few publisher podcasts but my very favourite is Books on the Nightstand. This podcast has it spot on it’s a conversation between two US book lovers (and booksellers) Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness and they chat about books, the industry, what their listeners want to discuss. I could go on. But where is the UK equivalent (note – not rip off)? Well Gavin, of Gav Reads, and I are having a go and ‘The Readers’ is live!

We aren’t anywhere near the heights of BOTNS and we aren’t trying to tread on their toes (we love them). What we will be bringing you each week is comment on the latest news in the book world, author interviews, debate and recommendations from two very different perspectives, Gav is a big genre fan and I love my lit-fiction. We have already got episode one in the can with discussion on book awards and an interview with Carol Birch (no, seriously), there’s also a few mistakes (like me getting my words in a muddle and giving the wrong titles of books – this podcast was cut from 3 hours of chatter to 52mins brilliantly by Gav) so do bear with us.

What we want to know is what you would like to hear, what guests you would like on and some audience participation. So please have a listen and let us know what YOU think and what YOU want in the future!

To listen to Episode One of ‘The Readers’ you can visit our website here. We would love your feedback, be nice (we aren’t professionals) or constructive, we really do want to hear all your suggestions and feedback. You can also follow us on twitter @BookBasedBanter. Hope you enjoy it!


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Putting A Voice To The Face/Blog/Prize…

They normally say that its nice to put a face to the name, or a face to the voice or some such thing (pick that silly sentence apart at will, I am very tired) and as part of the Green Carnation Longlist ‘shenanigans’ going on today, and if you haven’t seen the list please do they are all cracking reads and ones I want to get everyone takling about, I did an interview with the lovely Gavin Pugh of Gav Reads all about the longlist. So after some coaxing I thought that I would share it with all of you, so if you want to have a listen then do pop here.

I don’t sound as silly as I felt at gone 11pm after a day of longlisting, I sound a bit tired and say ‘erm’ a lot though, apols. It has made me wonder if there is room for a British Book Podcast by some bloggers… but that is another project and post altogether and today is about the wonderful books on the Green Carnation Prize Longlist. Let me know your thoughts on the list, the interview… and even the idea of podcasts! Oh and do spread the longlist around, the prize needs all the love and support it can get, it’s only year two after all.


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