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Can You Recommend Any Good Bookshops In… Cornwall?

So after my earlier request, here is the second of the two ‘can you recommend any good bookshops in…’ posts today. This one is from one of the Savidge Readers, Susan, who has asked for your recommendations of bookshops in Cornwell as she and her husband are visiting this month. So can you help?

Lands End, Cornwall

I myself haven’t been to Cornwall for years and years and years, I should add I would love to, so I cannot be of much help. That said I do know of one. Hurley Books, also known as The Cornish Bookshop, is run by Liz Hurley (no not that one) in Mevagissey. Now whilst I haven’t been to visit myself, back when Polly and I did Discovering Daphne season on our blogs, Liz really supported the whole thing, especially as Daphne of course loved Cornwall and made it her home, yet another reason I would love to go. In fact maybe I should ask Liz if I can go and live there and help out for a week or two hahaha.

Back to the realms of reality, which bookshops in Cornwall would you recommend if you are from that beautiful area, or indeed if you have visited?


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