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NTTVBG – Series One, Book Seven (And Your Much Needed Advice)

Now if you aren’t joining in with the NTTVBG, or you are bored of it (we don’t mind either – but shame on you hee, hee) and so you might skip this post then do read down to the bottom because I am, as ever, asking for some of your advice and thoughts as strange times seem to be afoot at Savidge Reads. Before that though back to the NTTVBG…

Today is the penultimate NTTVBG. And so I would love to see you over at Kirsty of Other Stories where we are delightful Glasgow to talk about her second choice, and the latest read, ‘A Short Gentleman’ by Jon Canter which I mentioned the other day had had me in hysterics twice. I won’t say too much more as you will have to pop over there and see I had to make a little admission this morning and felt most vexed with myself in doing so too. This has been a rather different read from everything that we have touched on so far which is always interesting and I will be interesting to see how the discussion develops on this one.

Now back to my need for you advice… Savidge Reads is having issues and needs your help. It isn’t that I have gone into a book slump because I do very much want to read, and lots at the moment. However I seem to be finding everything I have read in the last couple of weeks I am a bit ambivalent about, though it’s not the books, it seems to be me. (I should add I am still finding ‘The Passage’ riveting but its so bloody big that I am finding it really hard to keep reading because I can’t commute to meetings and such like with it in my bag for fear of major back trauma.)

I did wonder if it’s because I had a week not long ago where every book I read was brilliant and I was raving about them all. I wonder if maybe with NTTVBG, Riverside Readers and Persephone Reading Week my whimsical reading has gone out the window as I have had reading commitments and deadlines with the first two and was really keen to join in with the latter and maybe that’s done a disservice to all of them? I am also noticing that because I have some gems in the TBR at the moment (the page will be going up again soon) I am getting impatient to read them all and so when I open a book I instantly want to start the next one instead? I have noticed now that twice I have gone to the TBR got so overwhelmed by the choice that I have then walked off sulkily unable to decide and so then thinking ‘stuff it’? Does anyone else get any of these problems? How do you get past them?

Maybe I should have made this a question for The Prose Practise?

And has anyone noticed it’s all gone a bit quieter in the blogosphere, or is that just me… oh dear! Ha!


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