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Kindle Road Trip #1

Whilst I admit I am still remaining a mixture of conflicted and sceptical about the Kindle that has recently (and very kindly thanks to The Beard) come into my life, I am going to be seeing if our relationship will strengthen over the next few days.  Truth is so far I have really just been using the Kindle to watch TV shows, I may have used it a tiny bit to help me get through the nightmare of ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ but I haven’t really done much reading on it at all. This is about to change as I am off on the first of two long road trips with my little companion today and I am not packing a single book, just the Kindle.

Kindle Road Trip

I have to admit I am a little daunted by this. I shouldn’t be and it probably sounds very dramatic, but I do find there is a safety in the feeling that a bulky paperweight of, erm, paper in your hands. We will see. The good thing is that I am going to Gran’s, so should I suddenly go into paper withdrawal then I can grab something from her never ending supply – always good to have a back up. Though I won’t have the same back up next week when I head to the bright lights of London, but I will face that dreaded thought then.

I have scheduled some posts to go live while I am away, and I promise that when I come back I will finally catch up with all the comments you have kindly left that I have been meaning to respond to for ages. In the meantime today I thought I would put up a little competition that links into tomorrow’s post…

What do all the books below have in common?

Mystery Books

If anyone manages to guess by the time my post goes live tomorrow there might just be a gift of some sort in it for you as a treat. So can you guess? Right, time to get this road trip on the, well, road!


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The Kindle Commandments

So a few weeks ago I woke up to surprise gift… a Kindle. Now as someone who has rather infamously said that he doesn’t like them (I even had one once that I gave away) and what they could be doing to the publishing world and that he would NEVER get one. Well, technically I didn’t get it as it was a gift, but that is by the by. I know quite a few of you were surprised, though not as surprised as me I would imagine, by the new addition to my reading world. I found myself very conflicted indeed.

Kindle and Co

After getting to know it a little better for a week (I still can’t find where you change settings like brightness and stuff) I decided I need to set up some reading rules and regulations or, as I am calling them, The Kindle Commandments…

  • Thou shalt use this device as an accessory and not a replacement to the printed book.
  • Thou shalt not go bonkers and fill it with free classics or daily deals that thou never really wanted to read and just sees as a bargain.
  • Thou may by copies of thy favourite books just in case they end up stranded for eternity down a man hole/in a train tunnel/on a desert island/in a nuclear bunker… and because Dovegreyreader said it was wise.
  • Thou shalt not buy ‘20p’ books unless already have the printed book* as am not sure how good it is for the publishing industry or the author.
  • Thou shalt not accept e-book proofs from publishers unless they are classics that are no longer in print or the e-book arrives at the same time as the printed book (I am all for having an e-copy of a book that I can put on my shelves for real afterwards, if you see what I mean).
  • Thou may buy favourite authors ‘e-book’ only treats yet only once, maybe twice, a month.
  • Thou may join Netgalley but may only ask for books thou hast in print or short story collections/overseas advance books that thou will most likely, ok definitely, get when in print in the UK.
  • Thou must not download facebook, twitter or games onto it as the Kindle is for reading, and thou hast a phone brimming with these distractions already.
  • Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s Kindle Fire cover and start buying them willy nilly because they want them to match what they are wearing or just because they saw a pretty one someone else had.
  • Thou must not us thy Kindle to watch endless episodes of She-Ra (or any other on demand TV series) every morning before they wake up.

I have technically broken one of these rules already I have to admit as *I bought John Lancaster’s ‘Capital’ for just 20p the other day. The excuse I gave to myself was that it might be good to have one new random book on my Kindle should I ever end up caught somewhere for eternity as stated in one of the aforementioned commandments. This is a one off. Though maybe if/when I have read it I should replace it with another, or is that me sliding already?

Two weeks later and having spent some time with it, though nowhere near the amount I have spent with books, I can see some perks to it all. I can switch it on in the night, I have become quite the insomniac, and indeed it has been on some travels with me when I was nearing the end of one book and there was the benefit of me having a few choices without filling my man bag with five possible choices of the next read. It seems to be becoming a reading accessory rather than a book replacement; nothing will replace the book for me.

I am quite chuffed with my Kindle commandments, what do you think?


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My Valentine Has Taken Me To The Dark Side…

So this morning there was a big surprise at Savidge Reads HQ and one which half thrilled me and half really troubled me. After The Beard and I had been unwrapping Valentine’s Day presents (Happy Valentines to you all) it came to my last one and when I opened it I got rather a shock, as you will see…


Yes, that’s right, what you see before you is a Kindle. Officially now my Kindle I suppose. Now then, I will admit I had been muttering on and off about how I wish I could read in the night, lamps keep The Beard awake, as do audio books oddly (and they also play on when you have fallen asleep) the book light I got kept falling off, I had also mentioned how unfair it was that some classic books are out of print but available for e-readers and indeed had bemoaned the fact that when I go to Grans I go for a week, have a six hour journey each way and get laden down by the inevitable eight books I have to pack. Yet having so ardently berated these devices I had sworn I would never buy one, which I suppose I have stuck to, or indeed own one and never would I have thought that the Beard, despite much joking, would get me one. So there is some confliction here. There will be rules, and as Granny Savidge (almost gleefully) said this morning on the phone, there will be much explaining to do. But not today… Okay? Ha!


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Oh Tess, Look What You Made Me Do…

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog of late and I don’t actually have the excuse that I have been busy reading instead because really I haven’t. I’ve just been busy with other non bookish bits and bobs. This of course leads me to frustration when I look at the pile of books that surround me in my book den, and then when temptation hit I was most furious with myself as the latest book I have just finished (insert a dun, dun, dun noise now)… Was on a kindle!


It is all the fault of Tess Gerritsen and the fact that ‘Freaks’ is only available as an e-book. If the story hadn’t been so good, review soon, then I might not have been able to ever forgive her. Fortunately I have. I haven’t bought a kindle though, and have now deleted the app from my phone too! So not converted, just diverted.

What have you all been reading of late? What else have you been upto?


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