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Sponsor (Mummy) Savidge Reads…

I have ummmed and ahhhhed about doing this post because I do always find the whole ‘sponsor me’ etiquette kind of awkward. However firstly I am not the one that you would be sponsoring, and secondly what my mother is doing is a good thing, for a wholly worthwhile charity and I think spreading the word and work of any charity is a good thing. So now I have waffled rather inarticulately let me explain. This weekend my mother is going to be donning a wetsuit (that comedy image alone is worth sponsoring her for) and will be swimming 2 miles in the vast Lake Windermere for the Great North Swim. She is doing this partly because she is mad but mainly for MacMillan Cancer Care (cancer being something close to my heart) and in memory of my granddad, Bongy, (who sadly is no longer with us but remains extremely close to my heart) who I have told you about before and who MacMillan where incredible with supporting when he was terminally ill, and indeed supporting us when we were caring for him at home.

Lake Windermere

I don’t want to do a hard sell because that would be uncomfortable but should you want to sponsor her anything then please do, you don’t have to sponsor more than ten pounds as it tries to make you do you can sponsor smaller, by visiting her page here. I shall plug it no more than that. I will say that I am so impressed with my mother doing this; she herself had a big C scare last year, well done Mum. The Beard and I are hoping that we can get to see her go in at the start and be waiting for her (and my uncle and aunty) at the end so I will hopefully report back.

It has made me think, what could I do for charity that involves books, preferably books and cancer or books and Alzheimer’s? Hmmm, any suggestions? Big thanks if you do sponsor my mother by the way. A normal bookish post coming soon.

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