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The Man Booker Prize 2012

So today is the big day and we will find out what the judges of the Man Booker Prize 2012 have decided as a collective are their best 12 or 13 books of the past year. I personally love all the waiting and the guessing in the lead up to the announcement as well as all the discussion once the list has been announced; all of the ‘oh I can’t believe that this was on the list when that wasn’t’ etc. The debate it creates about books is fantastic and who can complain at that?

I also really love trying to guess the books that will make the Man Booker longlist each year. I am always way of the mark and look completely inept but who cares, again it is all part of the fun. I was asked by the lovely Katie at We Love This Book, rather in advance as I am away; if I would suggest some titles I would love to see on the list this year. You can see it here (which will open in a new window).

These are not my predictions though, I doubt my tastes will match five judges, I also think that we will see a lot of familiar faces this year (Amis, Carey, Banville etc) with previous listed authors being automatically being entered again. I have been thinking about this recently I can’t decide if I think that this is a good thing or a bad thing to be honest, there are pro’s and con’s.

As I mentioned before I am sadly out of the country while the announcement and all the initial debate is going on (the joys of being able to schedule posts ahead of time) which will be lovely as I will (hopefully) be relaxing in the sun but I am miffed that I will miss it all going on at the time, I will have to wait until I am back. So I thought I would ask you all a little favour…

I am hoping that some of you will please leave your comments (which I have been rubbish at replying at, sorry, I will be better when I am back and have had a proper break) below with your guesses or books you would like to see listed (or links to them), thoughts on the books when they are listed and what you would have liked to have seen appear on the list as well as or instead of. Then I can come and join in with you all when I get back – especially as I don’t have Facebook and the Man Booker website forum pages have vanished in the revamp. Oh and… Are any of you planning on reading the lot?


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Who Would You Like To See On The Man Booker Longlist?

It is a mere week away that the Man Booker Prize Longlist 2012 will be announced. After the interesting year that it had last year (which some might think is an understatement, I actually liked the surprise list last year) it will be interesting to see what this year’s new group of judges list as their best twelve or thirteen books from the submissions.

I have been asked to write a list of the twelve books that I would like to see on the list for We Love This Book and so I have been mulling it all over this morning (though I have until Monday to hand my thoughts in) as it is very different as to what I think will actually get longlisted next week, which I will report back on nearer the time.

So I thought in the interim, because everyone likes a guessing game and a list of books don’t they, I would ask all of you what you would like (and what you think if you want) will get longlisted for the Booker this year. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Are any of you planning reading the longlist or shortlist this year? I will read some of them, if I haven’t already, but as I am deep in prize submissions for the Green Carnation (hence why for a while there might be more ‘bookish thoughts’ posts than ‘reviews’ on the blog) it will only be the books I really fancy giving a whirl.

Oh and whilst I am asking questions… do you think I should have a Savidge Reads page/account on Facebook?


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