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Savidge Reads Library Loot #4

As it is National Libraries Day I thought I would share the library loot that I went and got today to make sure I maxed out my borrowing allowance. So, with a starring role for Millie this time, here is the third in my new series, yet first of the year, of vlog posts where I get to embarrass myself once more talk to you all about the latest books that I have borrowed from the library, and waffle a lot about why.

Mr Briggs’ Hat – Kate Colquhoun
Mrs Bridge – Evan S. Connell
When I Lived in Modern Times – Linda Grant
I’m the King of the Castle – Susan  Hill
The Summer Book – Tove Jansson
It Ends with Revelations – Dodie Smith
The Temptress – Paul Spicer
The Closed Door and Other Stories – Dorothy Whipple

As is the usual routine I would love to know your thoughts on any of the books; have you read them, did you like them, and are you thinking of reading them etc and any thoughts on the intermingled waffle. What have you borrowed from the library of late? Many thanks in advance.


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National Libraries Day 2013

I thought as I am a huge fan of libraries and the importance of them I would just let you know/remind you, in case you didn’t as it doesn’t seem that publicised this year, that today is National Libraries Day! I have already been to mine and returned and renewed a few titles, maxed out my loan allowance and donated some lovely pristine hardcover books. I have to admit that when I was there you wouldn’t have known it was National Library Day which was a bit saddening and so I made this small video to you all of a library plea…

Apologies for the whispering, but it is the library after all, the shifty eyes (I thought I was going to get caught and either be thrown out by a librarian or thought a weirdo by a passing member of the public. Hopefully though you get the message… GO AND USE YOUR LIBRARY NOW!

Thank you, I will be back later with a library loot post!


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