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The Bookboy Reads #4

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to my next post. The books I am going to talk about today include, Mortal Engines, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and The Incredible Luck of Alfie Pluck.

‘Mortal Engines’ by Philip Reeve is the most spectacular steam punk scented book I have ever read, the noise and clutter of Industrialised London almost flows from every page. It tells the tale of humble and meek 3rd Apprentice historian Tom Natsworthy, who is completely in awe of his guild’s head, the gleaming and magnificent Thaddeus Valentine.

One night Tom is on duty in the lowest tiers of London, when he meets Thaddeus valentine in the office of historian on duty. Tom is stunned and delighted to have finally met his hero, and Valentine seems as delightful as the tales of him depict. Suddenly, a girl appears wearing a scarf around her face, as if to hide a scar, and tries to attack Valentine, intending to kill him. Tom intervenes, and saves Valentine’s life. Valentine then proceeds to push Tom into a hole with the girl, Hester Shaw, and they find themselves in the wastelands, alone and friendless. It is then that Tom releases what a savage beast Valentine really is, and he plots revenge with Hester. Valentine must pay for what he’s done! If you like the steam punk Genre/ futuristic books, then this is the series for you. Not suitable for readers under 10, due to language, plot development, and explicit scenes! It is very gripping, and i read all 4 of the series in 4 days!

‘Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief’ by Rick Riordan is a marvellous take on the traditional Greek myths, but with elements of the modern era. The hero is Percy Jackson, who is a regular schoolboy, until one afternoon when something special happens. He is on a school trip, when his maths teacher Mrs Dodds, asks to speak to him alone. To his utter astonishment and horror, Percy finds out she is actually a Fury, one of Hades’ deputies. Percy doesn’t know what to do, until Mr Brunner, his Latin teacher, throws a ballpoint pen to him. Percy uncaps it, and finds a celestial bronze sword, with which he vaporizes Mrs Dodds.

Afterwards nobody remembers a Mrs. Dodds, not even Percy’s best friend Grover.  After a series of events, including him being attacked by a Minotaur Percy arrives a t a, mysterious mythological camp, minus his mum. Percy finds out his Dad is Poseidon, that Grover is half goat, Mr Brunner is a centaur called Chiron, and that he has a quest to fulfil, and only a week to do it. With the help of Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, and Grover, he must return the Mater bolt of Zeus or war will break out on Olympus! This book was excellent, and I found it very informative, combining legend with reality. A perfect match for this series is Pegasus and the Flame by Kate O’ Hearn! Probably suitable for ages 9 and plus, due to language and the plot developments.

‘The Incredible Luck of Alfie Pluck’ by Jamie Rix was kindly sent to me by Orion publishers last July, and I am finally reviewing it. I apologise for the delay!This is a fantastically funny book, and is an all time great read. The book involves a young boy, Alfie Pluck, who is kept as a household drudge by his plump, cruel and beauty (though they posses none themselves) obsessed Aunts. Alfie has to work for his food, as Hecate and Mohana spend it all on Beauty and cosmetic products! Alfie is fed up, so when a person called Dr. Shard invents a lucky hen, Alfie is determined to posses it. But others are as well, the vote crazy Prime Minister Marjorie Lentless, called the world’s worst Prime Minister ever in power. Alfie attempts to steal the hen and devour it, and so begins a ring of people obsessed with getting the egg from the boy who just wanted freedom. 

This book is hilariously funny, and allows you to be drawn into the very depths of the story, always contemplating what might happen next. There are also many unexpected twists and turns, which are also very good. There are really no books to compare it to, as it is really that unique and good!

Thank you for reading and until next time, which I hope Simon will allow to be soon, BookBoy Out!


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