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A Book Exchange is No True Crime

I don’t think that the whole time I was in London I ever came across a book exchange. In fact I would sometimes go to the Southbank and wander hopefully to find one of those famous book crossing exchanges, all to no avail. I am sure there were some book exchanges somewhere I just never seemed to find them. So imagine my slight glee when I was doing some Christmas shopping a few weeks a go and had just rested my weary legs in a café and saw this sign…

Yes, a book exchange not too many miles away! Naturally I had to go and scour the shelves which were brimming and there were two titles that I instantly wanted, yet I didn’t feel without bringing two books back myself I could actually take them. So I had to go back the very next day, well how could I wait, with a few books (it was actually four) that I could leave to find lovely new homes and scooped up two books that looked a little bit different but right up my street.

‘Victorian Murderesses: A True History of Thirteen Respectable French & English Women Accused of Unspeakable Crimes’ by Mary S Hartman possibly has the most impressively long title I have seen for quite some time and with my obsession with all things Victorian this should be a great read. More of a risk/rogue choice however is ‘A Death in Belmont’ by Sebastian Junger which is also none fiction and also based on true crimes, in this case The Boston Strangler, maybe I will be heading for lots of true crime reading in 2011?

Do you have a local book exchange? Have you ever come across a book crossing novel anywhere and which book was it? Any true crime novels I should hunt down as it now seems that I am subconsciously craving it!?!


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