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Writing That Affects You…

Do you ever read something and find yourself an emotional mess in both a happy and a sad sense at the same time, a special piece of writing so beautiful, bittersweet and heartbreaking that it just gets you right where it should? These are very rare things to find but I was bowled over by one recently. It’s not a piece of fiction, its not a poem, it was a bold and heart on her sleeve blog post which Shelley Silas posted and one I think you should all read… so go here and do so, right now.

It is a shame that Shelley is Stella Duffy’s wife (no, not in that way they are a lovely couple – I mean as Stella is a judge) and doesn’t have a book out as that piece of writing would make an excellent Green Carnation Prize winner frankly. A voice of utter honesty. That’s what I am looking for, and not just with the prize, but also with my reading in general.  They don’t all have to be emotional in a sad sense, but they need to do something to me. It has to hit me, even if it’s a fit of the absolute giggles that keep bubbling up when you least expect them rather than crying at your computer screen or onto your opened pages. I want to be effected when I read. Don’t you?

By the way, once you have finished reading Shelley’s wonderful piece, do pop and have a look at the all new Green Carnation site. Feedback wanted there.

What was the last piece of writing that hit you in some way, a piece that really resonated with you?


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