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Such Seaside Fun…

I have had another weekend of not reading, this is becoming most odd yet weirdly rather enjoyable. This weekend we were descended on by Savidge’s as my Mum & Co all came down on their way back from a week break in the Loch’s of Scotland to drop off my little sister and brother off for the weekend while my Mum and Step-Dad had a weekend off. Well we had a wonderful time as you can see from these collages thanks to my new favourite phone app…

It was such a lovely weekend of sea, sun, screaming and scoffing, what more could you want? Last night was also the end of the Olympics and naturally, after having loved the Olympics (though not really mentioning them on here oddly), we watched the closing ceremony. I have to say I don’t know if it was the fact I had hyped it in my head beforehand or if the opening show was so good, but last night, apart from the Spice Girls (amazing!!!) fell rather flat. It was a bit heavy on the introspective anthems rather than all the party songs which I thought it would be. Grumble, grumble… what am I like?

So what have you been up to outside of reading lots of books, or maybe not if you are like me, had a lovely weekend?


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After a Book Breather I Want Something Seaside Specific, Can You Help?

Whilst normally a three day weekend would mean non stop reading, the Bank Holiday has only seen me read two novellas. I needed a bit of a reading break I think. I have read some brilliant, brilliant books lately (reviews coming soon) and sometimes after all that excitement I have to stop. I needed to clear my fictional head and today my head was officially cleared (after I extended my break) by the bracing sea as I went to Southport which looked suitably brooding…


It was a random day out, though apt as its part of my heritage as Granny Savidge Reads is from Southport, but a delightful one. Not only did it clear my head and involve lots of laughing with my Aunty and her two year old twins (meaning I couldn’t read on the train, unheard of) it also inspired me as to something I might want to read next. I want either a crime novel set in a seaside town, some gritty seaside drama or a really creepy story set in a seaside town preferably with a Victorian feel (I’ve done Dracula). I’d like a pier in there somewhere if possible.

So is there anything you’d recommend? Please help, I have a reading craving!


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