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How Short Sighted of Me…

I had intended on doing a book review today however the book I wanted to talk to you about I have had to stop reading as, from now until Thursday, I am banned from reading. Seriously, no joke! I should also really be banned from the computer but like that is going to happen when I have a prize to launch and an event to research for (I am still doing Wilde About Books tomorrow in Leeds, do come if you can) but I am lessening this as much as I can. Why is this all happening? Well all because I need these blinkers…

I hope I can rock geek chic?

I hope I can rock geek chic?

Yes at the age of almost thirty one I am getting glasses. I have been having headaches for a few weeks, right behind my right eye, and as I had a £150 voucher from Specsavers (interestingly as a thanks for doing something for them on the Crime Awards, how kind) so I thought I would spend them on a test and some sunglasses. Well several tests, and frames, later and guess what… my eyesight is rather dreadful, the optician was most relieved I don’t drive, and I should probably have had glasses some time ago, but then I hadn’t had a test for seven years. Oops. They will be ready on Thursday, and then I can get back to some serious reading in comfort. Until then though reading is off the menu, and work needs to be minimal, which I am finding rather frustrating to be honest. Ho hum! Fortunately I have some posts planned, so I won’t completely vanish this week.

In the meantime… what have you been reading? Oh and when did you get your eyes tested last? Let me be a lesson to you all!


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