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Something About Stationery…

I had been mulling the idea of doing something regular on stationery last year and then thought that it might not appeal to those people who are looking for something bookish in their blog reading diet. However, after I did the post the other week on finding some of the stationery that Gran used to use and now adding it to my collection (which I will share with you shortly) it seems that as a general rule of thumb book lovers love notebooks almost as much as they love books themselves.

For me the joy of heading into a stationery shop is actually close to the thrills of a bookshop. I wonder if that just means I am addicted to some subliminal mass paper high of sorts but I can spend ages and ages and ages perusing and coveting endless notebooks, pens, recipe holders, book journals, multi-coloured dividers… I could go on. In fact, and I can probably say this now without getting into heaps of trouble, when I used to be an office manager I was a companies nightmare, I didn’t want the cheapest stuff I wanted the nicest stuff – but not just for me, for everyone. Budget permitting of course… Cough!

Anyway over time I have created quite a collection (I used to work far too near a chain I wont name, other than to say it starts with paper and ends in chase, oops) over the years though shockingly all of these are pristine, I haven’t written in a single one of them as yet. I just like to know they are there…


This is very bad as people close to me will know how often the phrase ‘oh, I need a new notepad’ is uttered. And then one must be found. Yet oddly I end up using scrap paper because I cant bear to make mistakes in a book. Is that weird? I also have started getting stationery catalogues, its dangerous.


Anyway, I have now decided that I must do some regular(ish) stationery feature, the question is what? I have been thinking on and off all day (between working from home with a fever, sniffs and sneezes aptly as typing) and it might be my fuzzy brain but I can’t think of something fun, quirky and original to do. So I thought I would ask you and, as a reward, whoever comes up with the best idea or ideas will win some stationery (not the cheap or boring stuff I don’t mind scribbling all over) or vouchers you can spend on stationery.

I want ideas for a post format or themed posts that could be a series of stationery delights. So have a think and let me know. You have until midnight Saturday when I will pick one idea and do an example post the following Monday to show who has won and what they have won… Get thinking and brainstorming in your bound paper books of note joy. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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Book Notebooks, Keeping Up With Tradition

Isn’t it weird how sometimes things seem to crop up at just the right time, or a memory pops into your head unbidden that then means a lot at a later point? I had a serious case of this over the weekend, which in its own way has rather a bookish twist.

I was just off to the post office to finally send Marieke Hardy a Chris Ware inspired pen pal parcel (if you are reading this – unlikely – Marieke I am sorry it has taken so long, I have written loads of excuses in my parcel) to Australia. As I waited in the never ending queue, and mourned the days of the post office being in the now closed local bookshop, I spotted some notebooks which instantly sent me off into the past. Bright red Silvine notebooks.

I can vividly remember Gran having these notebooks in which she kept all sorts of notes. Be they shopping lists, random things to remember or of course notes on what she was reading, in to these books they would go – those or some weird notebooks she inherited or possibly stole when she left her job. Initially I thought nothing of it, though it seemed apt I spotted them as I had really been missing her that morning, weird how random days can just get you the little buggers. But I bought one, popping a note about the memory of them in it, and included it in my parcel bound for Oz.

Anyway, as I said I didn’t think much of it after that. Until after having taken my old iPhone off to be sold, I went to catch up with my varying impending reviews and realised all my ‘bookish notes’ had failed to transfer from phone to phone. I was distraught, weeping almost happened, vexation hit. Awful.

Well after an hour blethering about it, moaning about it on twitter and then remembering I backed those notes up to Gmail – goodness only knows how, I can’t blinking remember. I came up with the idea that really I need to have hard copies of these notes, somewhere reliable and so I made a special trip up the road and came home with these…


Yes, four of the notebooks that Gran used to use. Four may seem excessive but at 59p a go you can’t go wrong can you, so how could I not? I have a wanton craving for stationery at all times and this sated it in the lead up to pay day. Most importantly though I liked the idea that a tradition of bookish sorts has been passed down the family line and now when I write my bookish notes I can think of Gran as I do so, not that she wouldn’t flit through my mind anyway, as it’s almost like I can write the notes to her as she’s not on the end of the phone.

Do you have fate filled moments like this? Have you gained any bookish hand me down traditions? Where do you keep your book notes? And one of the biggest mysteries of all (ha, how to hype a question) why is it people who love books also really love stationery?


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