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Are Shelves the Solution?

You know how I said, ages and ages and ages ago, that I would finally get a handle on how many books I owned and sort them all out? Guess what? I still haven’t done it. It has been in the (very, very, very) back of my mind since the beginning of the year but it is just one of those things that I never seem to have time for. Okay, so I procrastinate.

photo 1Well, this past week with my thoughts on how my reading diet had become a little too staple and then getting a huge influx of books for some events and projects I have got coming up I had to face facts and admit that my book situation has got rather out of hand. Some of you, looking at the picture here ————> might be wondering how on earth I couldn’t tell that there might be a problem seeing as Mount Paperback has not only been threatening to topple and kill me and The Beard in our sleep, but has also started to meander across the floor threatening to come and get us that way too. For me it is the stuff of dreams, for The Beard it is the stuff of nightmares. So I knew this weekend I had to sort it out. This morning I still hadn’t.

So thinking that the best way to get Mr Savidge to get a wriggle on, and knowing I am off to London in a few weeks and may well come back even more laden with books, The Beard went off out on an adventure to Ikea – I wasn’t allowed to go as a) one of my friends from Manchester and his partner were coming b) I cannot be trusted not to spend hours aimlessly mooching and then begging for meatballs and chips. The Beard has come back and guess what… we have more shelves!

photo 3

Two sets in fact. I think there has been a realisation that a life with me is going to be a life with books and a life with shelves so better to simply embrace it. Oscar has been joining in with all the building – why do all cats love a box?

photo 5

Actually not all cats do, a mixture of too much going on, banging and change has lead Millie to flea and hide (we have all been there) under the possible safety of a drawer, well if you can call this good hiding.

photo 2

Now you may think, and I have thought this also, that more shelves mean no need to cull. This is not the case, I have been made to promise that I will now cull books as they are coming in and stop putting off going through all the books I have.

I will do this! It will just have to wait until after I have been to Gran’s this week. Until then they can all just go on the lovely new shelves with all that space…


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App-ropriate Book Behaviour

A quick question to you all… Do you know of any good bookish iPhone apps which help with TBR management? I am sorting all my books out, and whilst am making a spreadsheet on my laptop to find them in the house, I am also looking for something that I can have to hand all the time so I don’t get double copies should I happen to fall into a bookshop of any sort.

Any recommendations? Book Crawler has been mentioned but the ‘lite’ one crashes before opening so do I go for the costly version? I have GoodReads app but I find the TBR section and search function a bit of a pain and its being able to search through my TBR in mere minutes, well seconds, I am after. Do let me know!


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Books! Books Everywhere! (Be Warned This Post Contains Book Porn)

I have mentioned a few times this week that my house has slowly but surely become a bit of a death trap due to incoming books (through publishers, the library but also mainly me finding bargains here there and everywhere) over the last few weeks. Well, I thought that I would share with you all just how bad things have actually got before I finally, because I still haven’t, got round to sorting them out.

Back in my old London flat, and the flat before that, I could pretty much let my books take over the house. I was deaf to my ex-husband’s pleas for actually having some space anywhere at all, I don’t think this is one of the reasons that we are ex’s, moving on… Then I moved to my aunt and uncles house and so I had a major cull and allowed myself only six boxes or paperbacks and three big duty weight bags of hardback books. Two of the boxes and the bags of books were allowed in my new room, which was the size of a small studio flat, the rest of them lived in the garage with a few boxes of the books that had read and wanted to keep when I eventually lived somewhere I could house them all.

I am now in such an abode and while I had yet ANOTHER massive cull before I moved, and then moved again to be here, and was down to the five boxes that you can see on the right hand side, which of course are now covered in piles of more books!

In fact the whole of, what I call, ‘reading corner’ has really become rather over run with books. The shelves, no more bags yippee, of hardback books are now having to be used as a shelf themselves and so has my reading chair (we are decorating so do forgive the rather shocking walls and lack of carpet, its rustic/Pompeii chic). Reading corner has actually, and literally, become TBR corner…

And forget my normal books by the bedside on my bedside table; they are now covering the bedside chair and bureau too…

It doesn’t stop in the bedroom either. Just look at the dining table, which shows the level of naughtiness I am at as I have read no Mary Stewart but bought all these as the local grocers was selling books for 10p each (so how could I not)…

Proof copies have started to decorate the table in the lounge window (where a copy of 1001 Books To Read Before You Die seems somewhat ironic)…

Library books have been popped on the hall table (well chest of drawers) and simply left there because there is frankly no room left elsewhere, though the ladder does lead to what will be the mezzanine ‘reading landing’ and spare room…

I was wondering where I had left all the books that Oxford University Press had kindly sent for Classically Challenged the other day and couldn’t find them. I scoffed when The Beard said that I had left them in the bathroom, I mean really who would do that? Oh…

Even the gorgeous shelves of books I have read is getting covered from above, even though there is space for more of them on the shelves, but that is how lazy I have been…

And as you can see even poor little Oscar is in slight fear for his life now that I have started using the coffee table…

So I guess I really better go out and sort it all out hadn’t I?

Does anyone else have the same problem? How do you go about sorting it all out? Where is the strangest place that you have ever left piles of books? Do you think this is some kind of addiction?

*Note – I did actually tidy up for these pictures, it was actually much, much, much worse.


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Simon’s Bookish Bits: A TBR Special

I thought I would do a Simon’s Bookish Bits Special this week with regard to my TBR. Its been a rather stressful week at Savidge Reads HQ as we weren’t sure if we still had the HQ and might indeed have to look for another one. Yes that horrible end of contract moment had sneaked up on us and the landlord out of nowhere. Worryingly the mention of ‘rent increase’ came up which with Brazil coming and the like was just a no go. I had had to start thinking about moving and possibly severely culling the TBR. However phew that’s all sorted though I am currently sulking as seeing some family oop north this weekend was one thing I was looking forward to after the stressing, but I have the contagious Norovirus from The Converted One so a weekend stuck in the confines of my room is ahead! The whole TBR thing did in part inspire this post though as I was thinking about my TBR and what dreadful things might have to happen to it (lugging of culling),  there were two other inspiring factors too.  

Another big part of writing this post was that I wanted to dispel something which has been concerning me for a while; that all the books I own are from publishers, as its simply not the case. In fact most are from hoard buying over the last two or three years as you will see. There was also a post Kim of Reading Matters wrote on hers, which asked if we would share ours with readers, would anyone dare? Well with a challenge like that how could I refuse? So I thought I would walk you through mine… you lucky things.

I like to have everything nicely organised and so I always give priorities to books that I have asked for (which aren’t actually that many out of this picture – which I took a few weeks ago and so a fair few of these have now been read), though I will admit these are also intermingled with some unsolicited copies of books that I have heard great things about or instantly take my fancy and these are organised into hardbacks and trade paperbacks on one shelf and paperbacks on the other. Which means that I can find things although I have an excel spreadsheet too but that’s not for now!

There is also all my Du Maurier books and Man Booker winners which I bought before I started the great Book Buying Ban of 2010. Speaking of which it is my previous buying habits having once been so crazy that takes up a large amount of my shelves. So I have had to create shelves such as the Big Books and Biographies/Autobiographies which you can see below. There are a couple of piles of short books on a self below which I didn’t manage to get in my shot below… sorry…

…And the books I bought before 2010 started do go on and on (as you will soon see) and I actually have four boxes that are separated, in an order only apparent to me, just for them. I hope this shot breaks any illusion that all the books I own are from publishers, not true at all. I have just this minute spotted that there are three unsolicited books in these boxes but that’s because I am running out of space…

So these unsolicited books that come in, and are gratefully received – just saying I don’t ask for them all (hammering a point home, ha), where do they go? Well some of them ended up in the only spare box that was available, which also happens to be in the spare bedroom. The bottom one below of the two is filled with my previous hoarding purchases the one of top is unsolicited copies for a rainy month. Books frieshly in become a literal Mount TBR which teeters on a set of drawers in my room awaiting being sorted, some stay, some are rehomed with friends and family…


So there that’s your lot, and it is rather a lot. Hopefully some Savidge myths are dispelled ha, ha. The idea of having no TBR fills me with dread though, I love the fact I have a delightful library hidden away in my flat. I know visitors here do too. Maybe a cull is required though as I haven’t had  a clear through for a while and my Mum is coming down next weekend so I am sure she and my sister wouldn’t mind some cast off’s? So what’s your TBR like? How do you arrange it? How many books have you on yours?

I will pop a new page with my list of TBR titles very soon and a number… I might just have that cull first though ha, ha, ha.


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