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Young Adult, Teen & Crossover Fiction…

I think it’s quite well documented here on Savidge Reads that I have a few little glitches in my personal reading taste; the last one I mentioned was of course audio books. Non-Fiction used to be a real issue, yet in the last year I really worked at it and by the end of the year quite a few of the books I really loved were that very genre. The next genre or category on my hit list is Young Adult Fiction… or Teen Fiction… or Crossover Fiction whichever one you want to call it. I might have just come up with a new way of getting my head around it, but I will need your suggestions so do read on and recommend.

I have been talking this who conundrum over with The Bookboy lately, he did after all suggest I read ‘Just William’ and lend me it. He of course is coming up to the teen market age (he’s 12), though having said that he has just recently finished ‘Wuthering Heights’ a book I didn’t read until fairly recently, and reads widely. The ‘Harry Potter’ novels are the only books that we have both read, and so we came up with an idea. As well as me doing the blog as normal and him doing his collective posts every now and again, wouldn’t it be interesting if we both read the same book and reported back together?

Now of course we have the issue of which titles should we head for? As we all know this is a huge, huge market…

…And one which neither of us feels we fully know enough to pick a prime title or three from to try out. It needs to be something new to both of us, though he is itching to read ‘The Graveyard Book’ and I did mention he read the first three Twilight books and then we could do ‘Breaking Dawn’ but I think that’s too old at the moment for him, plus he gave a very outward groan. We know there are some perfect books out there for us both to get our teeth into. I can almost hear you all screaming ‘The Hunger Games’ before I have even asked for suggestions, its one I think we would consider, but what else is there out there?

So which fairly recent ‘young adult/teen/crossover’ novels would you recommend? What is it about the genre that you love, or indeed that you don’t? Do you think a joint blog from me and The Bookboy every now and again would work?


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