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Book Blogs vs. Broadsheet Reviews

I was alerted to a post that Scott Pack of ‘Me and My Big Mouth’ had done called ‘Missed Opportunity’ for The Bookseller blog which happened to mention book bloggers (including this one bizarrely) in a very positive light. In fact Scott was saying that really the big papers should open their review pages because of the personality bloggers inject into their “array of interesting, arresting, entertaining and relevant reviews”. Scott puts it all much better than I could try and regurgitate so pop and see the whole post here.

It did of course set my mind off wandering about the whole Book Bloggers vs. Broadsheet Reviewing debate. After I have finished reading a book then typed all my initial thoughts (I actually then go away to have some space before then rewriting those book thoughts) and pressed schedule I will pop and google the book and read both the broadsheet reviews and the bloggers ones. Which do I prefer? Well I like both, I think the broadsheet ones are a but drier but that’s because with the bloggers I invariably have read some of their posts before and there is an injection of not just a reaction to the books prose and ‘literary’ merits but also an emotional one, and I think that is key.

Do I think these more emotive thoughts could work in a paper, course I do – though you would have to build peoples trust in you and your personality up. Will it actually happen though? I doubt it very much.

You see there is that snobbery that if you haven’t done an English literature degree you aren’t qualified to comment. I find that interesting as I didn’t do any degree, I worked my way to where I am but I also spent those years reading books voraciously that I wanted to, that were my taste and worked for me as books. I wasn’t dictated to or told what makes a good read. I would say that gives me a certain unique selling point maybe, not in an arrogant way – I mean I have read for years and think that’s qualification enough.

Have a look at the piece and tell me what you think. This post isn’t meant as some war cry against the broadsheets by the way, I just find it interesting. What are you thoughts on Book Blogs vs. Broadsheet Reviews? Which one do you prefer, or do you think there is room for both? Any other thoughts?


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I’m in the Bookseller…

Yes as The Green Carnation Prize relaunched at the weekend I was asked to do a piece for The Bookseller (I almost ripped their arms off at the chance) all about publishers and just how proud, or not in some cases, publishers are of their LGBT authors in a piece called ‘Proud to Publish’. So this isn’t a self promotion post, it’s prize promotion post…

As the Green Carnation Prize 2011 geared up for its relaunch on Sunday, it has been a mad whirl of trying to spread the word (and the press release, hint, hint) to anyone and everyone we can. This ended up with a lovely email from Katie Allen at The Bookseller asking if I would like to contribute… erm, of course I would. It also came at an opportune moment last week when I had received a rather negative email, which is better than no response as in the case of three major publishers. They support Savidge Reads, it just seems something like The Green Carnation Prize is a little more, erm, risky maybe?

I like to think I’m a pretty positive person, indeed when it comes to the prize I am rather excitable because I am passionate about it, yet this response from some ‘unnamed’ publishers has rather dampened my spirits. What do you think? Here is the piece in full.

Oh and I will be doing some more both for The Bookseller (on books in general I think) and with a few other bookish sites and the like for The Green Carnation so keep your eyes peeled. Do let me know you thoughts on the subjects raised today though (I have a feeling I am going to get a thrashing for this piece, not sure why, but I bet I do).

If you are wondering just what on earth The Green Carnation Prize is about you can see my thoughts here. If you would like to promote it (yes, please) then feel free to pass the press release onto anyone and everyone else. Oh, a final question… what would you like to know about The Green Carnation Prize as it goes forward, would you like to hear insights from me? Or would you rather just see all that on the site itself? Lots of your thoughts most appreciated.


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