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Royally Disinterested…

I am sure I am going to get accused of being unpatriotic by saying this, and I do wish the couple in question all the best, but I am so not fussed about a certain event that is taking place in England today. In fact this picture below sums it all up for me so eloquently…

(A big thanks to Rachel of Booksnob for the picture and a post that puts it far better than I could.)

I don’t really care what she wears, nor about how much weight she has lost, I am sort of grateful for the day off (especially as its meant no operations this week – though its also delaying my test results) especially for everyone else but really! I honestly cannot wait for this whole palaver, which has just got ridiculous and which my taxes are going towards and has merely been scheduled to ‘cheer us Brits up’ (see previous royal weddings – drat I said it – and their timings), to be over.

Less bah humbug… more just really, really, really bored of it all. I have much more exciting things happening as my Mum, stepdad and younger siblings are coming to visit, now that’s a truly important event in my mind and my weekend.

It does feel better to let that out though. Am I awful? What book are you royally reading right now/this weekend or are you about to open the pages of something new?


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