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When Librarian’s Go Bad…

I don’t know about you but anytime I see something on the telly thats book related I always want to share it.  One such thing of late has been the psychotic librarian in ‘Psychoville’, which I have only just started watching and is one of the most bonkers TV shows there is, who has been making me laugh hysterically. The thing is invariably these clips won’t be on certain video based websites for quite some time. Well imagine my joy to discover that part of the long running story of Jeremy the psychotic librarian, and his alter ego ‘The Silent Singer’, have turned up. So I simply had to share it with other book lovers out there. Be warned… its a bit creepy but that’s, in part what makes it so funny (oh, and apologies for the red writing that comes over it occasionally – bear with it though)…

I don’t know why but I just find it hilarious. Is it just me? I am desperate for the rest of the storyline to appear so I can share the whole lot. I have also been trying to find a library based comedy clip of my favourite comediene at the moment, Miranda Hart, but no luck so far.

Anyway just a little mini post today, lots and lots going on with The Green Carnation Prize at the moment, more on that later in the week though. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend whatever you are upto?


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