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The Joy of Books

I have been asking for recommendations or reports back on some of your favourite bookshops and this morning had a lovely email from Susan in Ontario. It contained a video made by her favourite independent bookshop Type Books in Toronto called ‘The Joy of Books’ which certainly makes me want to go and browse around the store, especially in the dead of night. Alas a) I might get arrested at that time of day and b) it is a little bit of a journey to do some book shopping but maybe one day.

I don’t know about you but it brought back that childhood feeling of wondering what your toys all did when you were asleep or left the room, only with books. Or was it only me that thought that?

Oh and thanks for all the emails about ‘Other People’s Bookshelves’ I am working on the questions at the moment and will send then in due course via email. If you haven’t emailed me yet and want to do so then please do, the more the merrier.

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