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Simon’s Bookish Bits #20

Whilst most of the UK carries on going election mad (I am pleased we have a hung parliament is all I am saying) I am bringing you my Bookish Bits a day early as once again this weekend is manic and want to give you some forewarning of some bits and bobs coming up over the weekend as well as well as next week. We also have a link of the week, other bookish bits and some delightfully drawn Bunyips and more. Oh how to fill it all in!!

Well it’s been and still is Persephone Reading Week which Claire and Verity have been hosting and it’s been lovely seeing people’s first reaction to those grey covered wonders. My personal favourite of all the posts has been Simon of Stuck-in-a-Book who has asked everyone to tell him what Persephone titles they have read, I am looking forward to the results. I am also hoping this will all still be open and running all day today so you can contribute and vote, vote, vote! I managed one Persephone this week… more on that tomorrow though!

In non-Persephone based posts over the last week or so I loved a post that Cornflower Books which profiles what her readers have been reading and want to read, it makes for very interesting reading so do have a pop and see that.

This weekend is filled with bookish things coming up and by things I mean events, tomorrow has no less than three events that I am squeezing into a single day. First up is the publisherVintage’s special day at Foyles which you can still get tickets for (I think). If anyone else is going to this then please let me know as it would be lovely to see some of you. I will be bringing a special guest I am very excited about and am only concerned that there might not be enough tea and cake breaks??? If you’re coming do email me.

There is of course the UK Bloggers Meet Up which I am hoping to see some of you at and then I am whizzing off to see Sarah Hall talk at the Peirene Press Salon, phew thank goodness I have nothing planned for Sunday… oh no I do we are all meeting up for the penultimate Not the TV Book Club round at Kirsty’s! (If you have time to squeeze the latest book in, which is A Short Gentleman by Jon Carter, then do give it a try I have been laughing out loud here there and everywhere.)

Right… now for something completely different! You know I asked you to tell myself and the lovely Evie Wyld what you thought a Bunyip was well here are the winning three thanks to the very kind illustrator Joseph Sumner


From Bunyips to Lobisomem! In case you are wondering what the fizzing heck that is it’s a Brazilian mythological werewolf and helps to tie in my last part of today’s post which is all about…

Brazil (the image above is the island of Florianopolis that The Converted one and I are planning to buy a house on)! I said way back in Jan I wanted to read more Brazilian books and I am appealing to you all out there (and if you don’t comment then email) to help me hunt Brazilian fiction. You don’t need to do it right now this second but maybe mull it over the weekend as there are some Brazil based posts coming up next week.

Right that’s me done, what’s been going on in your bookish weeks? What you reading right now? 


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