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Book Vlogging

I have been thinking about vlogging recently, both doing it again (yes really I have a ‘channel’ which needs some pimping out and updating) and also after watching some. This all started when I was thinking about a new way of shedding light on some of the books incoming that you might not see otherwise for a while. I know I could do posts on these but oh my poor fingers – though then again oh your poor eyes with my mush coming at you on the computer screen. Anyway, I didn’t because it was a grim day and the lighting wasn’t right in my book nook and I hadn’t had my hair done, all the important things. Yet it is still something I am planning on doing though a world I know nothing about yet occasionally lose myself in.

For example, I was on Popjustice the other day (my favourite place for my second love Pop Music, if I am not reading I am quite probably somewhere with my headphones in) and I discovered that singer Amerie has a vlogging channel where she talks about Beauty and Books. So off I went to go and look at her book posts and suddenly 40 minutes had gone. I was mesmerized, though slightly disappointed that at no point did she say ‘it’s this one book that got me trippin’ (see this video to understand though BE WARNED the song will be in your head all day.

Yet other than one or two book vlogs that I really love I am a little bit lost out there in the book vlogosphere. Not only in who is the bees knees but also some of the technical stuff. I mean, is the juddery stop and start thing that I have seen on a few (which I have then lost the links too) an editing thing or is it just a ‘thing’ that some vlogs do?  What do you even use to edit it? I was just pressing record on my iPhone and hoping for the best really. I am rubbish at editing stuff and generally fearful I will delete everything. How do they add all the shizzle that they do, you know the fancy stuff? Oh, my head hurts.

Prime example. I did not edit this joyous Savidge Reads version of a Pride and Prejudice trailer, I got someone else to because I am so rubbish. Gives me a chance to share it again though…

So instead of presenting you with a vlog – or rather with a new one and not one I have regurgitated for giggles – which I might do in the future (but will be an irregular regular thing) with incoming books, I have brought you a post on them in the hope that you will answer some of these puzzling issues for me. One I have just pondered is if they are actually even still called vlogs, see I am so behind.

Firstly I would love to know what you think on blogging vs vlogging (I am not declaring a war here, I just mean what are the pros and cons) in general and if you like them or not? Secondly if you do which ones are your favourites, recommend me some to watch when I can, after all there can never be too many ways to find out about more lovely books can there?


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