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World Book Day 2013…

Really it is probably preaching to the converted mentioning World Book Day here, yet I did feel it would be wrong of me not to, for that is indeed what it is. People were asking me if I was doing anything special for World Book Day, rather shamefully I am not. Though as I type this I have just sorted out a lot of events for ‘In Other Words’, Liverpool’s Literature Festival and been on the blower about a bookish trip to London I am making at the end of the month –so in a way my day has been so bookish it has made me feel a little booked out. However I still think I should mark the day in some way, but how?

Well I have stolen the idea off The Readers, the book based banter (books, books, books) podcast I co-host, and the section we now call ‘Reading Horizons’ and used to call ‘What We Have Read, Are Reading and Want To Read Next’. So I thought we could all spill the beans on that and see what we can inspire everyone else to read by sharing them and some thoughts on them.

Reading Horizon

So I have just read ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which I will be reporting back on fully tomorrow, for the very first time. This was in part because Hesperus Press have done the most amazing covers in their editions this year and also because I have become obsessed with the new Oz movie – just from the trailers, which I have been watching twice a day just for a fix. I have a slight obsession with the Wicked Witch of the West and so am also very excited that I am seeing the film tomorrow night, so wanted to read the book before that.

I have just started, literally today, ‘Life After Life’ by Kate Atkinson. I am a HUGE fan of Atkinson, I love her Jackson Brodie books and her literary fiction, especially ‘Human Croquet’, and her short stories, some of which I must reread soon. I have to admit I have had this proof a good few months, after throwing a small – very small – tantrum about not getting it when loads of people had it (diva moment, very, very rare) then it arrived and I was just too excited to read it. You know that feeling of ‘I love this author, I will love this book… but what if I don’t or what if no other book this year will compare to it?’ That!

Finally, ‘The Hunger and the Howling of Killian Lone’ by Will Storr. I know relatively nothing about this book but I was asked if I would like to read it as it might just be up my street. It arrived and with taglines like ‘The secret ingredient of unforgettable food is suffering’ and ‘There are no ghosts. There are only stories too stubborn to die.’ I think it will indeed be right up my street.

So now over to you, share the book love. What have you been reading, what are you reading, and what do you fancy reading next… and why?


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