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Can You Recommend… Books Based in Yorkshire

Well, when I say Yorkshire I actually mean York or Harrogate (alas not when the festival is on). Let me explain… I was hoping to get some winter sunshine abroad in March, hop on a plane and hot the beach with a few books nothing too fancy. However I decided to spend some of the money, and indeed some of the time, on having a (rather literary) tattoo instead. All is not lost with getting away, and who knows maybe there could be some sun involved, as I am going to have a break elsewhere in the UK.

Each year myself and three of my closest friends, Polly, Michelle and Dom, like to have a long weekend away together somewhere in the UK, often somewhere rather random. We went for the thrills and spills of Alton Towers last year and then the most random plastic log cabin near a very odd pub – people stared at the strangers in the village much to our giggles.

We were plotting Whitby this year, however as those naughty monkeys all live in the south it’s a bit of a mad trek for a weekend (we might do a week next year) so instead we have two options – possibly one by the time you read this – which are places on the outskirts of York…


Or the outskirts of Harrogate…


Either way we will be in some of this country’s most beautiful countryside and near a wonderful town and city with lots and lots of bookshops to explore hopefully. So what I was wondering, as all four of us are rather bookish geeky folk, if you knew of any books set in York, Harrogate or Yorkshire at all? As we may just pick one and have a little book group while we are there, or at least have some books to turn to if it rains and we all get bored of each other, ha! Let me know…


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