Bookish Bits & Bobs


Keep popping back as its a work in progress at the moment haha.

5 responses to “Bookish Bits & Bobs

  1. Louise Page

    Hello there
    I look after Joanne Harris for Transworld Publishers and wonder if you would like to see her new novel, blueeyedboy?
    It’s not at all like Chocolat, but a dark and cleverly-plotted thriller told through posts on an internet site …. Don’t just want to send it without asking first as I know you get masses of books unsolicited and must feel swamped at times!
    Louise P

  2. Paul Raffaelli

    Hello there Simon,

    I’m working with crime fiction author Kimberley Chambers. And I have some exciting content I’d like to offer you.

    What’s the best way of contacting you?



  3. Pocket

    Hey I’m thinking of starting a book club I. The pub I work in and wanted to know if you know anyone who would like to run it or any advice you could give me.


  4. pauline rogers

    Hi, I’ve been in one for nearly 10 years. There are 8 of us and we take it in turn to choose the book. We have read quite a variety of different genres this way. The person who chooses the book hosts the evening which is once a month. Hope this helps

  5. Mary Arth

    Hi Simon,
    In episode 91 of The Readers, you mentioned several bookstores that are worth a visit. I am going to England in March and love bookstores. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the names. Cromford in Dobshire?? Southport broad???
    I would really appreciate your suggestions. We are starting and ending in London but traveling to smaller communities.
    I love the podcast and am a Booktopia attendee!

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