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Ghost Hunters – Yvette Fielding & Ciaran O’Keefe

Now I am sure people would think that I should be reading a book like this closer to Halloween, however I am actually going ghost hunting at Peterborough Museum tomorrow. Therefore I thought that brushing up on my ghost hunting knowledge (which is limited) I thought it was time to read this book. Ghost Hunters is written by Most Haunted’s Yvette Fielding and Ciaran O’Keeffe so you know that the information you are soaking up is coming from a good source, they have now done well over 100 ghost hunts themselves. Plus I admit it I am a huge fan of the show.

The book itself is set in two parts, the first looks at the theories behind ghosts. This looks at famous ghost stories and discusses the many theories behind them; such as are they faked are they real and why. Chapters look both at the types of ghosts that have been reported from poltergeists to your friendly helpful ghost who means no harm, other chapters look at evidence (photos etc) and the tools used to capture proof of ghosts meaning you know an EMF Reader from a Scrying Mirror.

The second part of the book is documentation of several new ghost hunts that Yvette and Ciaran go on that haven’t been on most haunted looking at witness statements and the methods they used to try and find out what was going on in these haunted locations leaving you to take the evidence they find and make of it what you will.

The style is very basic making it easy for anyone who is fresh to ghost hunting able to dip in and out and not feel alienated by long scientific words. I also liked the ‘chatty’ style that they both used so you actually felt you were alongside them on the journey of ghost hunting. Also at no point are you pressurised to believe or not to believe as Ciaran as a doctor of Parapsychology doesn’t believe and Yvette does.

All in all I really enjoyed this and found it incredibly insightful and have picked up some great tips for tomorrow. If you aren’t a believer of the paranormal or just think Most Haunted is a pile of rubbish this isn’t for you. If you are open minded or you believe in ghosts and love Most Haunted (like I do) then this is the perfect book for you.


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