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The International Readers Book Awards 2011

What another award? I can almost hear you all say. Yes, another. Not content with co-founding The Green Carnation last year and chairing it this year (winning announcement tomorrow morning) I have come up with another award with my ‘The Readers’ co –host Gavin which we announced yesterday in our Margaret Atwood and Speculative vs. SFF vs. Literary Fiction episode yesterday. The good thing about this prize is that I don’t have to judge it, though I will be voting, as it’s a prize for you all as readers to vote for and judge.

It probably sounds a bit strange to throw that out there, and I know there are lots and lots of book awards and prizes already BUT there aren’t many where readers from around the world can choose the titles listed and then vote for them. Now we haven’t got illusions of grandeur here honest, it just seemed a fun idea and with the power of blogs, the internet and email we thought we could spread the word and have a list of books that readers from all parts of the world and all walks of life could vote on.

So what do you need to do? Simply pop to The International Readers Book Awards 2011 page on The Readers website and download your entry form, fill it in, email it to by 11am GMT on December the 16th 2011 and hey presto. We will announce the long listed entires and how to vote for the shortlist on December the 19th 2011.

Oh and today’s Savidge Reads Advent Calendar is an added incentive to vote!

Update you can now download the International Readers Book Awards Form from below.

The International Readers Awards Voting Form 2011



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