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My Waterstones Book of the Month: March

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I thrilled to be chosen by Waterstones as one of their new bloggers. Unlike here where I could write about a different book every day, I am more limited (I have learnt I am better with long reviews than short, ha) to what to recommend. So, having given the whole thing much thought I decided that every month on their blog I am going to choose a particularly special book that I would love loads of people to have a gander at, my ‘Book of the Month’ if you will (though I might do two some months, thinking ahead to April when there are two corkers I have in mind). It will also be a book that I have not yet featured on the blog, to make it all the more tempting for you to have a nosey. This month it is…


One Point Two Billion, Mahesh Rao’s short story collection. You can read my succinct review (something I have learnt I am not good at) over on the Waterstones blog here, along with some recommendations from my mate and fellow book lover extraordinare Nina. I will be back with a longer review of it here at the end of the month.


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