New Moon – Stephenie Meyer

Yes, yes, I know I have always been completely scornful of the Twilight Saga but hear me out before you judge me!

I actually initially read Twilight back in 2008 and as you can see from my thoughts at the time I honestly wasn’t sure about it. I ended up feeling a bit ‘blah’ about it truth be told, then LoveFilm sent me the wrong movie once so I watched Twilight and liked the film a lot. Unusual! Then someone leaves a copy of it at my house after staying and so I think ‘oh I will read a page or two’… two hours later I haven’t put the book down and am hooked.

New Moon is the second in the Twilight Saga series and frankly you need to have been on the other side of the moon continually for a year or so to have missed these books. They centre around Bella Swan who has moved in with her Dad to give her mother time to get used to her new marriage (which I have a quibble with as I don’t think a teenager would do that) and starting her new term in Forks meets Edward Cullen whom she falls ‘irrevocably in love with’ but oh no… he’s a vampire. I have possibly just spoilt the plot for those of you who haven’t read Twilight or seen the film; there are more twists in it than that though.

In New Moon an instance over a paper cut in a group of vampires (this sounds like I am taking the mickey and am not because I actually really enjoyed this book) leads Bella almost killed by Edwards’s brother. Deciding he can’t always save Bella and could put her life at risk Edward leaves and leaves Bella lost and heartbroken. Eventually a friendship with Jacob Black finds Bella seen happiness once more, only he has a dark side and secrets too. Add in an old adversary of Bella’s seeking revenge and Edward believing Bella dies going to make a deal with the darkest vampire kind leaving Bella to save him and you have a gripping escapist read filled with twists and turns, none of which I want to give away.

I won’t pretend I didn’t thoroughly enjoy this book as I completely and utterly did. No it’s not the most literary of books but its wonderful vampire fuelled romp that you can’t help but get lost in. It is also much, much better than Twilight. Though in parts it can repeat itself a little its nothing compared to the pages and pages of Bella mourning the fact ‘he is so bad for me… I cannot resist’. The characters seem more defined, there are several plot clues of bigger things to come in the future and though longer the pace and twists are much quicker than in its predecessor.

I am sure I will get some stick, both on here and from friends, at the level I enjoyed this book but sometimes we all need to escape don’t we? It also goes to show that I am no book snob (which isn’t always a bad thing) and I give everything a go. I also think it points out book fate, sometimes the right book crosses your path at just the right time and that seemed to happen here. Will I give the next novel in the series ‘Eclipse’ a go at some point? Quite probably, though maybe not until just before the next film is out in June 2010. If you haven’t read any of this Saga yet my advice would be skip the first book in favour of the film and then read New Moon. I reckon it could convert people, be warned though it is quite addictive.

So what are your thoughts on the Twilight Saga be they good, bad or indifferent? Are there any secret fans out there? Also, have you ever read a series where the sequel is much better than the first book? Has there ever been a book you were determined not to read only when it crossed your path you devoured it in a few sittings?


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29 responses to “New Moon – Stephenie Meyer

  1. I told myself I wasn’t going to read these books but then my housemate had the complete saga. . . I read one and then another and another they are very addictive! I like them, not the best literature ever, but I was thoroughly entertained. Even went on to read Meyer’s next book The Host which I can honestly say I enjoyed even more.

  2. I tried with the first book but didn’t like it. I’m surprised that you liked it though. Maybe I have to start with the second book?

    • I didnt like the first book very much, it was ok but didnt really do anything for me. This one was so, so, so much better. It’s nice to have a break with something like this between some more heavy weight and literary stuff. Books are for enjoying after all, especially when you devote lots of time to it you need a few guilty pleasures.

  3. STILL need to give these books a shot (and now I know which one to try!), but I do like the idea that Meyer is actually a new writer and has the chance to improve. According to wiki, she had literally never written a single thing before Twilight.

    • I would watch the film of Twilight first, and then go for New Moon, I am trying to think if you miss anything or not… am fairly sure you dont. If you went straight to Eclipse though you’d miss a lot as New Moon has heaps more in.

  4. You’re right, its pure escapism. I enjoyed the first book, taking me back to teenage angst, but the rest kinda fell flat. I became increasingly irritated with Bella’s constant whining and moping (pretty typical teenager though) who checked her brain at the door. It IS amazing to see the reaction of the tween and teen crowd though over these books and movies, my daughter being one fo them. They are totally obsessed. It’s just one of those things Simon…you just have to read them so you know what its all about!

    • Bella and her endless ‘oh he is bad for me… oh I love him so’ was a little annoying in the first one thats why New Moon is so much better, too much is going on for her to do that for more than a page or two at a time.

  5. I haven’t read any of them yet. I have the whole set here and really want to find out what they are all about, but something always seems to be more interesting – I’ll have to make an effort to read the first one soon.

  6. kay

    I am kind of neutral on the whole Twilight thing. In fact, I read the first 3 and absolutely enjoyed them as escapism read. No, it’s not the best writing, but it’s good to read just for the fun of it sometimes! A little like watching a predictable action movie. I really didn’t enjoy the 4th though.

    In fact, my main issues are not with the books themselves (except the last one, maybe), but with the way they’ve been marketed. Yes, Bella kind of annoyed me, and she might not be a good role model etc. etc. I get why people don’t like that; but the fact that the bookstores here sell the books to 9 years old kind of troubles me – and believe me, I’ve never been one for censorship! Yet, I wouldn’t want my 9 years old to read those – again, especially the last one.

    Well, as you can see, I guess the biggest of my annoyance comes from Breaking Dawn. The rest was fun if you don’t take it too seriously. 😀

    • I love the fact they are so escapist, its nice between some heftier tomes or themed books. The fourth by all reports sounds a bit out there. Apparently its not the last either.

      I hadnt thought of the age thing. My sister is 11 and I am not sure i would want her reading this. Mind you the author said she is against teen sex, drugs etc and they never come up in the books so far.

  7. I am a great fan of this series and you summed it up very intelligently. A romp is what we all want, darling! I hope to see the movie this weekend. I go kooky for strapping young men with their shirts off.

  8. Dot

    I was so pleased to see this post! They are one of my guility pleasures, they are not literary but they are highly addictive. New Moon and Eclipse were my favourite out of the four, Breaking Dawn was a little too ridiculous but you have to stick with it to find out what happens in the end!

    • It’s not the end though Dot… apparently its just the end of the books from Bella’s side, there seems like a few more persepectives have yet to be written and there is a lot more to come possibly. I did some research hahaha.

  9. chasing bawa

    Yes, I’m a secret fan. Well, I’m not that secret about it. My friends and I went to watch New Moon at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill with plush leather seats and everyone screaming when Jacob took his shirt off…we just couldn’t help it. I agree with you about the books, I enjoyed New Moon and Eclipse more than Twilight because of all the secondary characters that appear. I got completely hooked! I really enjoy Stephanie Meyer’s writing although I find it difficult to sympathise with Bella. And I didn’t really like Breaking Dawn because there were a number of things which freaked me out (and I suspect expectations were very high). I have The Host in my TBR shelf which I’m looking forward to reading as I’ve heard good things about it.

    • I am quite eager to go and see the film on Sunday night it has to be said. I found there were some much more interesting parts in this book as really the first book is Bella and Edward, the more kooky and interesting characters she adds the better its going to get I am sure. Also adds for more plotlines.

  10. I haven’t succumbed… but I admit I am intrigued. However, there’s so much other stuff I want to read first.

  11. I loved the Twilight series. I’ve reviewed here and answered questions in the thread below too. I think she is often wrongly criticised and her writing style is much superior to Rowling’s for example, though the Twlight books are not great art, they are very interesting. I have had several emails behind the scenes telling me I am outrageous for even mentioning the books and requesting that I take my review down. Be interesting to see if you get the same!

    • So far I havent had any negative comments I think one surprised comment but nothing more. I don’t know if I would say she writes better than Rowling as the magical world including the sports and legends within that world she has created are wonderful. I think Meyer has definately improved from Twilight though. I wonder if I will get any emails? We will see.

  12. I didn’t mind Twilight…but I just felt the books got worse and worse after that. I know they’re written for teens, but Meyer stripped all the darkness out of the vampire mythology…sparkly vampires!? Come on! Also, I just couldn’t get past the Mormon doctrine and the fact that someone (an editor perhaps) needed to reign Meyer’s writing in. I mean, did we really need to know how beautiful Edward was every.single.time Bella mentioned his name.
    All that said, I have a 12 year old daughter…so you know I’ll be at the movies! *g*

    • Hahahaha I hadnt thought about the mythology stripping with sparkling vampires but actually I think you are right with that one. Mind you its an important plot device in book two. She does make werewolves blinking scary though. Its the bodies exploding and the skins tearing.

  13. adevotedreader

    I enjoyed these books, the adolescent angst is hilarious and the writing can be clunky but it somehow kept me turning the pages. Part of the conclusion to the saga made me very uncomfortable though, if you read the rest I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

    I’ve just seen the movie and it was like being at a Beatles concert- every time the actor playing Jacob took his shirt off all the fourteen year olds shrieked and there was plenty of commentary throughout (eg calling Bella a bitch). It was great!

    • Hahahaha the cinema shenanigans sounds hilarious. I shall look forward to seeing all that in action when I see the movie in the next couple of days. I plan on reading the rest of the books but probably just around the times the films come out as am more addicted to the films but have to read the book first of course.

  14. I watched the first film at the weekend, and thought it was weird… none of the scenes seemed to cohere with each other at all, and they were in love after having spoken for about three minutes.. so I’m going to read the book now to see if it makes more sense! All rather silly, but quite fun (though I had to hide my eyes from blood scenes…)

    • Hahahaha there is quite a bloddy start to New Moon (both the book and the movie as I saw the latter yesterday) but there is also a lot more action and drama in it and I just found it much, much more interesting to read.

      Seeing New Moon has made me want to read Eclipse right now instantly. I am holding off though for as long as I can!

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