(Sort of) Birthday Books

Hopefully there will be a post above this now which talks more about how the books come into Savidge Reads and my ethics behind it all. In fact some of you might have come from there, but enough of that rant and onto something joyful. Books, books, books! Yes its one of those posts with pictures of the books to have arrived of late at Savidge Reads.

The first ones that I will share, though one isn’t a book really, are presents from some friends I saw at the weekend. My lovely friend Dom got me ‘The Truth About These Strange Times’ by Adam Foulds “worried buying you a book would be a nightmare Simon, but I saw the line ‘he felt almost savagely awake’ and instantly thought of you’. I know nothing about this book so am quite excited. My friend Michelle got me a host of goodies including the ‘Postcards from Penguin’ I have had my beady eyes on for some time.

Next up and some parcels from publishers which were in some cases birthday parcels and in other cases just random lovely parcels. I have separated them and below you can see ten of the long listed Orange books.

I won’t list them all because I am well aware some people are already a bit Orange’d out already (I had a phase of that yesterday but am back to loving it all again) but it now looks like I will have no excuse not to read the short list or frankly the long list. No pressure though I might just see how I get on with one of them now and again.

More of a mish mash of titles now for you which I would love your thoughts on, well I would love your thoughts on all of the books in today’s post but you know what I mean.

Miss Savidge Moves Her House – Christine Adams (how can I not love this when it’s someone with my name, very excited about this non fiction book)
Wigs on the Green – Nancy Mitford (need I say more?)
In Other Rooms, Other Wonders – Daniyal Mueenuddin (have heard wondrous things about this one)
Italian Shoes – Henning Mankell (an author I pretty much want to read the entire works of after only one Wallander, this isn’t a Wallander book)
Ascension – Steven Galloway (I thought The Cellist of Sarajevo was utterly brilliant)
The Book of Negro’s – Lawrence Hill (wanted this for ages though might have to give reading fiction about slavery a rest after The Long Song by Andrea Levy)
Jasper Jones – Craig Silvey (I think everyone is going to be reading this book this year)
Skippy Dies – Paul Murray (a modern epic is what I have been told, might be perfect for a chunky read over the Easter break)
The Lessons – Naomi Alderman (know nothing about this one but I do love the cover so that’s a good start)

There you have it. Have you read any of them, or indeed anything else by the authors? What are your thoughts on posts on incoming books? I love them on other people’s blogs but would love your thoughts; I might be in a minority.


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33 responses to “(Sort of) Birthday Books

  1. Dot

    Wow, what a lovely lot of Birthday books, enjoy!

  2. Awesome stack of books! I’ve not read any of them, but I’ve got Hearts and Minds checked out from the library. Maybe I’ll get to it soon?

  3. I love that top photo, SImon, and how the books compliment one another! I’ve been coveting the Penguin Postcards too but mainly one in particular – the Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own. Verity also sent me the Katherine Mansfield The Garden Party card and it sits beside orange Penguins on my shelf 🙂

    I won’t acquire many birthday books tomorrow as it is difficult to give me books without knowing that I haven’t read it/already own it. I do have one book parcel waiting to be opened and I think there will be an Amazon giftcard to make up for not having more to open. My boyfriend usually surprises me with books from my wishlist and last year he surpassed himself with the Penguin Loves boxset but this year I know the things he has spoiled me with and books aren’t included.

    Personally I write about what interests me, not what I think an audience will like, and book piles and the Orange prize are included in that! People may be bored already of the Orange prize but they may also be bored of other things you mention regularly; it’s entirely subjective. I, for one, am very interested in Orange posts and most excited about reading Hearts and Minds, The Still Point and The Twisted Heart. Like you, I’m going to read what I can, no pressure.

    Wigs on the Green will be a book that I purchase with my birthday giftcard 🙂 I also have copies of The Book of Negroes and Jasper Jones but haven’t read any of the others.

    • Those top two books do go together don’t they? I did wonder if Michelle and Dom had planned that in advance but I dont think they had. I dont think I will be sending any of the postcards even though as you have mentioned it been nice receiving some in the post.

      Birthdays and books are a funny one for the other halves of a book lover, especially as we have so many. The Converted One is just anti book buying for me and knows there are lots of non book things I have my eyes on.

      Happy Birthday today by the way!

  4. Dabarai

    Yay, fantastic Orange prize pile! I have read good reviews of “Black Water Rising” in New Books magazine, and I am wondering about giving this book a chance, however with 3 titles already read and ten to go, I really think I have enough…I have read “The Way Things Look To Me” and enjoyed it a lot.
    As for the other pile ( very scrumptious) I would like to read “The Lessons” as I have enoyed Alderman’s first novel, “Dispobedience”, for whoch she got an Orange for New Writers could years ago… Very jealous of this one!

    • I didnt read the first Alderman book so am pleased that someone else has read her work and reckons its good, mind you the Orange New Writers Prize would hint at that too.

      The Oranges I am just going to take as I find, if I read one before shortlisting thats good if I read them all thats good too, no pressure.

  5. Dabarai

    Yay, fantastic Orange prize pile! I have read good reviews of “Black Water Rising” in New Books magazine, and I am wondering about giving this book a chance, however with 3 titles already read and ten to go, I really think I have enough…I have read “The Way Things Look To Me” and enjoyed it a lot.
    As for the other pile ( very scrumptious) I would like to read “The Lessons” as I have enoyed Alderman’s first novel, “Disobedience”, for which she got an Orange for New Writers could years ago… Very jealous of this one!

  6. I have no issues with your posts featuring your stacks. I am always just a little envious but love to look at what you have going on.

    • Thanks Sandy, its not my motive to make people jealous/envious I just like to hear if any of you have read them or would like me to read any particluar ones sooner than the others.

  7. Susan in TX

    I love seeing all the incoming book pictures. Blogs like yours are how I hear about new authors, titles, etc. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  8. Lu

    I haven’t read any of the books you have pictured here, so I’m eager to hear your thoughts on them. I just wanted to stop by to say I’m so glad you loved The Cellist of Sarajevo! I loved it too 😉

    Also, I like these posts, so therefore, do not worry about it 🙂

    • The Cellist of Sarajevo was amazing. It is one of the books I have handed to The Converted One after reading and actually has been read from cover to cover and very very quickly.

  9. What a great birthday haul! The Cellist of Sarajevo was excellent so am interested to see what you think of Ascension.

    • From the blurb they sound like two utterly different novels so I am looking forward to seeing how Ascension does. Mind you, I will go into reading it with no thoughts towards his earlier book, might ruin it otherwise.

  10. Ti

    I will never tire of book stack photos. I just love them. Enjoy them all!

  11. The Book of Negroes is one I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I have ordered the Penguin Postcard book for myself today as a treat as I have stacks of marking to fill my Easter holidays 😦

  12. Love the pics of your books – sure they make me green with envy at times, but overall they give me ideas of which books I need to add to my TBR list. By the way, what a fabulous pile of loot you received for your bday – especially those Penguin postcards ( I have been coveting those!). Cheers!

    • The Penguin Postcards were a wonderful present from my friend and so me. It is very tricky to get presents for a book lover I feel and this was spot on. I really want the Penguin boardgame at the moment. See you get lots of lovely things and you always want more.

  13. Postcards from Penguin – oh now that is a sighable present, they are sooooo beautiful. You have 21 days before the shortlist is announced now so get reading (imagine it is like Crystal Maze, but with books or something to motivate youself).

    • I do have 21 days until then but I doubt very much I will have read all of them by then I have to say. Some of them are definitely taking my fancy though so we will see, am planning lots and lots of reading over the Easter break.

  14. I love posts about your new books! They always inspire me to expand my TBR list. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Mitford and The Book of Negroes.

  15. ana

    So glad you’re excited about Jasper Jones, Simon. Was lucky to hear Silvey speak about it at Sydney Writers’ Festival last year. My sister and I took pot luck with the first session where a seat was available. Were we thrilled to discover such an engaging younger voice. Hope it works for you too!! Look forward to hearing.

    • I am excited about Jasper Jones, I do think its going to be on every blog going this year which should make me race to read it first, but am not competitive like that and can happily wait for it to take my fancy at just the right time.

  16. JoV

    I haven’t read any of the books in your pile. what does it says about me? 😦

  17. Rob

    I’m reading Jasper Jones at the moment. My mother brought it back from Australia in the new year, raving about it, but I have to say it isn’t quite doing it for me. I loved both A Fraction of the Whole and Black Swan Green, and thought that it would fall into similar territory, but there is something missing for me – it has charm and the young central charatcers are rendered well, but, but, but… I’ll reserve final judgement until I’ve finished.

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