The Cat Who Learned To Climb Bookshelves…

I thought that I would give you a picture post today that would update those of you who are Oscar fans and would also please the non crazy-cat people who pop by this blog with the bookshelve based book porn it also provides. Plus it gives me an easy post as I am shattered at the moment, ha.

As you can see Oscar is looking happy as anything, as he loves being the highest thing in the house, with his new favourite seating/viewing/hiding position. He is also getting a properly big kitten-almost-cat now, though fortunately staying as playful and cuddly as he always has been, if an occasional attack-cat!

So what is news with all of you? What have you recently added to your bookshelves… Books, cats or otherwise?



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18 responses to “The Cat Who Learned To Climb Bookshelves…

  1. Carol Wong

    Thank you for the chuckel. Sorry that you are feeling shattered. Hope it gets better for you.

  2. vikzwrites

    A high achieving cat.:)

  3. David

    Cat pictures AND bookshelf porn – what more can a person ask for? And I’ve spotted one of my covers on your shelves, Simon (it’s a Stella Duffy). Recent additions to my shelves? Five of Louise Erdrich’s novels – I just read ‘The Round House’ which is a finalist for the National Book Awards, and loved it so much I had ordered several of her backlist before I was even halfway through!

    • Sorry for the double whammy of joy, it is too much for some I know!

      What do you mean one of your covers? Please explain!

      • David

        Sorry, bit vague! Stella Duffy’s ‘State of Happiness’ on your shelves – I illustrated the cover. Its quite a few years ago now so it looks a bit rubbish to me now, but yes, that’s what I was referring to.

  4. Kats

    Oscar is simply gorgeous! Our feline friend, Luigi, isn’t quite as nimble on his feet but just as passionate about books.
    BTW, Simon, how anal are you sorting your book in alphabetical order by author? I LOVE IT!!! Organised books, cuddly kitten – you don’t happen to look for another flatmate, do you? Coz I wanna move in….

    • I do have the books sorted by authors surname, is that really anal? Ha! I don’t then have the books in alphabetical order… though I did use to once upon a time, oh deary, deary me!

  5. novelinsights

    Thats’s some impressive climbing. A perfect combination of an owner who loves books and a cat who loves bookshelves. x

  6. No “literary” books, no cats, but I have recently acquired copies of Slater’s “The Kitchen Diaries II” and Lawson’s “Nigellissima” and very good they both are too!

    • I want both of those books, I am having a craving for cookery books at the moment. In fact I am looking forward to cooking some of the old school recipes from some of the Persephone Books as I work my way through those over the coming years.

  7. Too adorable!
    I just went to London for two days and didn’t buy a single book! Quite the achievement for me.

  8. Thanks for the book porn and the cute kitty. Two of my favourite things to start off the day with. What more could I want 🙂

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