So Much for Lessening the TBR…

I mentioned in my New Year, New Reading Resolutions post that I was going to be attacking my TBR with a new ‘tough guy’ attitude. Well I was due to start when The Beard announced he had a meeting in Shrewsbury yesterday morning and so, having not been there before and thinking of all the bookshops there might be, I decided to come along for the ride and a potter. I will report back on the wonders of Shrewsbury in the next week, a virtual tour if you like, it is a stunning place. Despite none of the independent bookshops seeming to be open on a Thursday, odd, I did find lots of second hand and charity shops between historical buildings and touristy places and came away with these…

Shrewsbury Second Hand Loot

I know, I know. So much for me getting rid of books, I have added to them (I will actually be starting the cull properly this afternoon, no really) with this small selection of books and as you will note I have stuck to another resolution I had, in my head, that won’t just buy a book for the sake of it, each book had to prove its worth to be bought even if it was just 50p or £1!

The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler – I have been wanting to read this for a few weeks now, not just days – see I am being slightly tougher, and indeed got the hardback from the library, but it is too heavy *cough* and I have maxed my library loans, so I thought a copy of my own would be best. If I am being completely honest, new year so why not, I did by the hardback of this book when it came out and then culled it in a moving house clear out. Shame on me.

The Third Miss Symons by F.M. Mayor – I have had ‘The Rector’s Daughter’ in my TBR for ages since Susan Hill said it was one of her favourite forgotten books. I saw this and thought ‘ooh, I am sure I will like the other one so must get this one too’ especially as it isn’t a book you would see that often. Oh and please note; I then went to a cafe later on and read the whole thing, so that hasn’t even ended up in the TBR anyway, and was my first read of the year as I have been stalling.

The People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks – I blame this purchase completely on Will Schwalbe. It is one of the books that he and his mother read in their ‘The End of Your Life Book Club’. I had absolutely no desire to read this book, even though I loved ‘The Year of Wonders’, yet Will explaining it was all about books and the power of books and a book about books… it has been on the wish list since.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn – I have been looking for more Flynn books whenever I have fallen into a bookshop since I read ‘Gone Girl’ which is easily my favourite thriller of last year. This is her first and will be being read imminently. I am going off the idea of holding off reading a favourite author’s back catalogue of books in case you run out, life is too short.

The Hours by Michael Cunningham – Hmmm, purchase of shame time again. I own this book already, it is in the TBR, yet it has the movie cover and I hate those, so I allowed myself this one. I actually can’t believe I still haven’t read it, must be the movie covers fault, not mine. Ha!

So there are a few new books which are now sat on a chair away from the space I have made for the culling, which is about to begin. Gulp! It does nicely show how eclectic my reading is though, and I think sums me as a reader up a little maybe. Have you read any of them and if so what did you think? Have you had any post Christmas book shopping splurges?


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36 responses to “So Much for Lessening the TBR…

  1. I just finished Flynn’s second novel, Dark Places, last week and it was excellent. I am awaiting the arrival of Gone Girl – which I ordered via Indigo earlier this week. Everyone has been RAVING about it, so I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Lovely purchases. I’m afraid I’d be like you and find too many lovelies to bring home so I’m using all my will power just to keep clear of the shops altogether for a while. But you only need to cull 5 to have a zero sum so it’s not so big a deal breaker!

    And movie covers – Argh! I’ve been dying to read The Hours, but have yet to come across a non-movie cover. I refuse to even consider purchasing one of those. The cover you found looks fascinating. I take to heart Wm Morris’ advice re. having things I know to be useful, and believe to be beautiful, etc. Replacing out a movie cover doesn’t even count. It’s just good common sense!

    • I loathe movie covers, I don’t know many book lovers who like them to be honest. But it must sell books or it wouldn’t happen.

      I actually only need to cull 4 as I have read one hahaha, I think I will be culling a lot more than four books so it should all be fine, I hope.

  3. Laura Caldwell

    The only one that I have read is The People of the Book. I know that some people have some issues with it, but I really like it and have read it twice over the past couple years.

  4. Jo

    Yes, I have bought six books in Waterstones, then there was the four in a charity shop, plus ten ordered off the Internet. Gosh I feel better for sharing!

    As for culling, I am in the middle of this at the moment. Especially all the review copies, it is quite a liberating experience.

    • Hahahaha you have just made me feel so much better Jo. I did almost buy four books in a supermarket today though which was dangerous, in the end I left with one – Gone Girl which I have read from the library and loved, so that didn’t really count.

      Do you feel bad about culling the review copies or is it quite cathartic. It is the bit I have the most trouble with.

  5. The People of the book is wonderful – I was so much more impressed by it than I thought I would be. I had loved ‘Years of Wonder’ but didn’t much like ‘March’.

  6. The People of the Book and Sharp Objects are two of my favorites. I read Sharp Objects when it was first released and was on a business meeting to Las Vegas. I was in Vegas and barely left my room other than to head to the meetings – I was stuck in Sharp Objects 🙂

    • Oh that sounds promising if I managed to pick two of your favourites, ha, well done me! I am just reading a really gripping thriller at the moment so I will have to have a break between it and Sharp Objects but it is one I am keen to get to very soon.

  7. Glad you had a good day Simon. I love looking round a new town in search of books. After I tweeted you earlier in the cafe (if you remember I was listening to the readers and reading Graham Joyce) I had a appointment with a lady in Fitzrovia to design her a new kitchen. (it pays the bills) Turns out she was a famous TV and film costume designer, responsible for all the famous Dr. Who costumes in the 70’s and 80’s including Tom Bakers iconic long coat and scarf costume. I could have looked round her bookshelves forever. A good day all round really. Enjoy your new books.

    • Oooh Paul could you come to the Wirral and design me a library for the hall and mezzanine level… seriously I would love it! When you go back and see this lady please take lots of pictures of her shelves for me, thank you 😉

  8. Ruthiella

    I just read Sharp Objects last week and enjoyed it very much. I think you will like it. Also, it reads very fast.

  9. ha Im always same can’t beat a look in a new shops for books second hand especially as usually a bargain to be had ,all the best stu

  10. The Hours cover you bought in Shrewsbury is really lovely! Will you read it in parallel with Mrs Dalloway?

    • It is gorgeous isn’t it? Alas no, I won’t be reading Mrs Dalloway along side this, I hated that book and indeed have never really got on very well with Woolf, apart from the book she wrote about her dog.

  11. Thank you for making me laugh. We have bush fires raging through Tasmania, 80 homes destroyed only 50 kms away, received a phone call this a.m. that a good friend died of her illness and now have her funeral and I thought read the blogs and read yours first and just laughed. Think I will go out today, fine a second hand book shop and buy stuff. I too have sworn this year to be a “already owned book year” but now just reserved 4 books at the library. It really is an addiction isn’t it but it does make one feel so much better. Happy reading. Love your new books, Pam

  12. I’ve read all of these apart from The Hours (saw the film, though!). Loved Sharp Objects almost as much as Gone Girl. Miss Symons not as good as The Rector’s Daughter. Thought The Hypnotist was amazing and am now reading his second novel. Very disappointed with People of the Book, not nearly as good as her first two novels. But of course that’s just my opinion. Nice haul, anyway.

    • I have left The Hours a long time because of the film, I wanted the memory to lessen of it before I picked up the book. I will probably be seeing the three main ladies as the characters though regardless.

      I have really admired The Third Miss Symons so am even more excited about The Rectors Daughter now.

  13. janakay

    I enjoyed your post and got quite a vicarious thrill from your list of new acquisitions. I, too, have culled something from my stash, only to repurchase the same book later (I really laughed at that one), which is why I don’t cull much anymore. Totally understand about the movie covers–I hate those myself, unless they’re a little dated or lurid, in which case they have a certain cheesy appeal and add to the ambience of the collection! I have, BTW, several copies of the same book purchased because I liked the cover of the purchase better than the cover of the copy I already had, or just liked it, period (example: a paperback Wings of the Dove, with a Bronzino portrait of a woman with red hair on the cover. There’s a great scene in the novel, where the doomed red-haired heroine looks at a Renaissance portrait of a woman who looks like her. How could I NOT give a book bearing such a cover shelf room? It was a moral obligation) As for your purchases themselves, I actually liked The Hours quite a bit; have been avoiding People of the Book (I liked Brooks’ Year of Wonders, but had enough reservations about it to make me dodge her other books) and have both Miss Symons and Rector’s Daughter on my own TBR. I’m a big fan of Gillian Flynn and have read all three of her novels; while enjoying them all, Dark Places is my favorite. Her earlier novels aren’t as stylistically clever as Gone Girl (although they’re very well done) and are even darker (if you can believe that) and more disturbing. Anyway, I’ll be interested to see if you like Sharp Objects. BTW, I missed your review of End of Your Life Book Club, which I will now certainly check out, as I’ve been thinking of reading that one myself.

    • See this is what is lovely about doing a post like this. I was slightly worried people would judge me for my honesty and actually people have admitted they do the very same things I do which makes me feel much better.

      I am thrilled Gillian’s earlier books are even darker. That’s made my day, I love a properly dark thriller.

  14. In my mind I want to cut down on book buying. I can’t go cold turkey though so I’m still thinking of ways that I can still treat myself without ending up buried by the TBR!

    • Hmmmm now that is a tricky one. That said, I know I am culling but I will never have a one in one out routine. I just couldn’t do it. I would say carry on as you are 😉

  15. Sarah Williams

    Enjoyed your post, and like others, understand how hard it is NOT to add to the tbr (which is the also the abbrevaiton of the company my husband works for) pile. I did order Sara Maitland’s From the Forest, but I have not read it. I am going to try to limit my book buying to one new title each month and read from my existing collection or use my library to balance out my reading. We’ll see how that goes…..

    • It is just addictive to be honest is that crazy book buying. I cannot help myself. I am rather scared of going to the supermarket later! I am using my library a lot more though!

  16. The only one I’ve read is The Hours, which I really loved. But I am jealous of that cover. So pretty!

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