How’s The Health?

I’ve had lots of comments and emails after a previous post about how my health is and so thought I would do a brief post today to keep you all updated. It’s a funny one though as I do worry about over sharing on Savidge Reads, I do hope I don’t share too much and bore you all silly!

So just what the heck is going on with my health? Well after seven (!!) biopsies and after having given more blood than I thought I had in my body (and ending up looking like a human pin cushion – well my arm does) Wednesday was the big day for results adding a slight nervous edge to what was a wonderful day in terms of a certain book prize. So I arrived at the doctors and waited and waited and waited, and waiting rooms are not the nicest place to wait despite the name, for what felt like seven years but was probably seven minutes and was ushered in for the news.

There is good news and there is some not so good. The not so good was that I have ‘abnormal cells’ in my intestines.  This means I am off to see a specialist on Monday or Tuesday (awaiting a call) and then there is going to be some more probing down there which considering how big your intestines are, around 7 meters – who knew, isn’t going to be much fun when I have it done next week. My red blood cells are lacking the oxygen they would like and my white blood cells are low but as to whether that’s symptomatic of anything  is something else they will be looking at. I also have to get another MRI scan done as the hospital sent my first scans to the wrong doctors (don’t ask) and it looks like having it done again will take less time than transferring the originals a mile down the road from one doctors to the others. I am not criticising the NHS at all by the way as they have been lovely, really helpful, kind and most important speedy. There looks like there will be an operation in the next few months, but me being me I am just seeing that as more time to do more reading really. I will know more next week so am currently being cautiously vague.

The good news is that my kidney’s, stomach and liver are all fine nothing weird going on there. I like to look on the positive and so am trying not to get too freaked out but I will admit there have been a few wobbles. I am just thinking of the reading time I will have whilst recuperating, every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

So that’s that. I hope I haven’t over shared? I am not writing this post for sympathy and so won’t be whinging about this on here again, maybe just the odd update every now and then instead. Thank you all for your support so far it’s meant a lot to me. You are a lovely bunch as I seem to be saying lots and lots at the moment.

Right let’s move on… what bookish things can we discuss instead? Actually I have another post popping up shortly so hold those thoughts!!!!


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20 responses to “How’s The Health?

  1. You poor old thing. Take care, and do keep us updated OK? We do worry. x

  2. No you have not over-shared. We all want to know how you are and I’m sure everyone will be wishing you the very best and hoping for the best possible outcome.

  3. That’s not “over-sharing” at all. And please do let your blog readers know how you are as we will be wondering. I am glad to hear the good news, and hope the not so good news reveals itself to be not so bad. I like your focus on reading time! Best wishes.

  4. Cindy S

    hang in there! over share? TMI? nah….

    I have Crohn’s disease (an Inflammatory Bowel Disease). when it comes to gut problems, we IBD’ers have no taboo subjects.

  5. Good luck next week, Simon! I hope they get to the root of it soon as there’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s wrong with you.

    The silver lining is a good one and keep focusing on it.

  6. Dot

    You are not over-sharing silly! Hope that everything goes well next week, I think positivity is always the best option.

  7. I’m glad for the good news and hope the not so good news will turn out alright in the end:) So, I’m assuming you will be compiling lists of books to read?;P

  8. I agree with Claire – there is nothing worse than not knowing. I hope that they discover the problem soon so that you know what you’re dealing with. Good luck with it all 🙂

  9. Keep up the spirits! I like your attitude about having more time to read.

    Your NIH radiology clerks and my blood people at my PAID insurance are in the same league.

    My doctor ordered FULL blood work.

    The first result came back only with ONE test.

    Went to another lab to get it done again. The second result came back with 3 and missed ONE test.

    Am debating whether to go in again, so close to Christmas to get the last test done….

  10. Deb

    It’s not oversharing. We read your blog because we like you and the way you write and the books you recommend–and, over the time you’ve been blogging, we’ve come to “know” you, and we care about how you’re doing. So, keep us updated, OK?

    BTW, is that Hattie Jacques in that picture? I remember her from all the Carry On films–and some English sitcoms of the 1960s.

  11. novelinsights

    Just the right amount of sharing I think, as we do like to know how you are. You know I will be keeping everything (legs, hair, fingers, eyes…) crossed for you x

  12. Eva

    Definitely not oversharing Simon! I really hope they figure everything out soon, and that it has a simple solution. *hugs*

  13. Simon, you are not over-sharing at all. I, for one, have been concerned about you health and feel better knowing whats going on. You are in my thoughts:)

  14. Good luck with all the results/tests etc Simon. I’ve been down that investigative road more times than I care to remember and I agree that the waiting is the worst part – once you know what you’re dealing with, then you can don the psychological “armour” and get on with things. All the best.

  15. You have been on my mind (even though I’ve not been commenting…sorry, but my life is nuts this time of year). So at least you know where you’ll have to focus. I’ve got lots and lots of stomach and intestinal stories to tell, but I will spare you. I’m sure everything will be just fine, and you will get so much read between point A and point B! Just keep us in the loop!!!!

  16. Ti

    As you said, the positive side to all of this is that they are on top of it and moving quickly. Hoping for a speedy diagnosis, treatment (if needed) and recovery.

  17. Caroline S

    Thank you for the update and my best wishes to you for next week. I do not have much time to leave comments but you blog is something I catch up with daily, I really enjoy reading it. Been wondering how you have been healthwise so thanks for the update.

  18. I’m glad you shared Simon, I’ve been concerned about you. Still am, and sending lots of positive thoughts your way. I hope all goes well.

  19. I’ve been worried as well but didn’t want to pry. You are certainly in my thoughts. I hope everything goes well and that you don’t hesitate to rely on those around you for help. Enjoy the reading time.

  20. Aww Simon good luck and you’re not whingeing, or over sharing, you’re just in need of a little positive energy from the blogging world. More than happy to give.

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