Discovering Daphne… A Reminder

Back in the month of June, which seems oddly much longer ago than it really was, the lovely Polly of Novel Insights and myself announced that we were going to be hosting ‘Discovering Daphne’ a whole month of Daphne Du Maurier delight, we won’t only be reading Daphne books all month though. Well it all starts in just two days, so I thought that I had best remind you all. I bang on and on about how brilliant Daphne is and so hoping lots of you will be joining in to celebrate her or try her out for the first time. Here will be treats and giveaways and post prizes along the way, all that to be announced on Saturday when we kick off.

So here is the schedule…

  • Saturday 1st of October to Saturday 8th of October 2010 – A special ‘Discovering Daphne’ week, with lots of guest posts, Daphne inspired reads, some interviews and some treats to giveaway. Sunday the 2nd of October will see the first of the Daphne-read-along’s that we would like you to join in with her first novel ‘The Loving Spirit’. Then…
  • Sunday 16th October: ‘The House on the Strand’ – speculative time-travelling Daphne showing how versatile she is.
  • Sunday 23rd October: ‘Don’t Look Now & Other Stories’ – a collection of Daphne’s short stories which are always wonderful and rather dark.
  • Sunday 30th October: ‘Rebecca’ – if you have read it before or if you haven’t already, we will be discussing possibly the most famous of Daphne’s novels which should prove a perfect way to end the season.

Polly and I are very excited, and we do hope you will be joining in? You can find out more here by the way. Do let us know if you are and do spread teh word as Daphne deserves to be discovered by everyone. Right I am back off to curl up with the joy that is Daphne…


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16 responses to “Discovering Daphne… A Reminder

  1. Will definitely be joining in for Rebecca and Don’t Look Now and more if time permits. Really looking forward to it.

  2. This is exciting! I’ve read all of DDM but maybe it’s time for a reread!

  3. Definitely planning to join in. Unusually I think I have all my reading planned for me for October. But when half of it’s Daphne, I can’t complain!

  4. So glad for the reminder. I have required two Daphne’s since you first announced: Hungry Hill (is that correct?) and Rebecca. And now it is suddenly October around the bend.

  5. Jo

    I am looking forward to this.

    I was looking at reading My Cousin Rachel as that is the one my mum has passed to me after reading Jamaica Inn. Read and loved Rebecca so will definitely be popping in and out for that one.

  6. FleurFisher

    I’ve already been up to the attic, where my read books live, and pulled out the ones I want to read again. They’re all calling, and I think Rebecca is calling loudest.

    • I love that you have Rebecca in the attic, that seems so appropriate some how. Am very excited about discussing it tomorrow and seeing what everyone thinks of it, I know it is a much loved book.

  7. I have an e book of House on the Strand and I will for sure be joining this fun event.

  8. Rebecca is one of my favourite books of all time, and so I have never read anything else by Daphne du Maurier. I’m scared that nothing can be the same as Rebecca and I don’t want my opinion of that book clouded. Does that sound silly?

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